De-Addiction Awareness Programs by Brahma Kumaris of Rourkela

Rourkela ( Odisha ):  The Brahma Kumaris of the Koelnagar Centre, Rourkela, arranged De-addiction programs in two places in Barsuvan village.

At the Government Higher Secondary School in Jhirpani, along with Principal Mrs. Sushma Sethi, some 120 school children were present and nearly 150 villagers attended the session.
A Pictorial Exhibition and Film Show through a projector were arranged by BK Rajiv with the co-operation of BK Dilip, BK Itishri, BK Ranju, BK Gita, BK Rampyari and others from Koelnagar Centre.
In both the Awareness Sessions students and the villagers were enlightened on the following points about Addictions: 
1. What is Addiction?
2. Types of Addiction: liquor, tobacco, narcotic drugs such as charas heroin, etc., and mobile telephones
3. Reasons one becomes addicted
4. Mostly what age and which communities become addicted in India
5. Effects of Addiction on mental and physical health, finances, family, nation and morality
6. Who is responsible for all this?
7. Ways to quit and remain safe from Addictions
8. Benefits of De-addiction
9. What is the role of Rajayoga in De-addiction, as taught by the Brahma Kumaris?
For entertainment, a short educative drama playlet was enacted to help the audience in easily understanding all of the above 9 points.  Many people shared their happy experiences after quitting their habits of Addiction and encouraged others to take benefit, too.
Upon request of the villagers, the Brahma Kumaris arranged a 3-day-retreat to teach them the Art of Rajayoga meditation and Spiritual knowledge.

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