“Dance of Gyan and Yoga” : BK Young Adults Online Global Event on September 18

All BK young adults are warmly invited to join the “Dance of Gyan and Yoga”, a special 2.5 hour online global gathering on Saturday September 18, 2021 at 15:00 GMT.  (Please forward this invitation to all BK young adults in your area)

BK Enrique (Spain) and BK Manda (UK) will be fecilitating this interactive and creative exploration of gyan and yoga.

The event is for BK young adults (aged between 16 – 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the BK Centers. It is also open to those “youth graduates” (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF/IYAR programs or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.

No registration required. If you would like to arrange translation, please send an email to ubud@id.brahmakumaris.org by September 14.

Timings are as follows:

  • GMT –  15:00
  • Los Angeles – 08:00
  • New York – 11:00
  • Sao Paolo – 12:00
  • London – 16:00
  • Nairobi – 18:00
  • Delhi – 20:30


Zoom Meeting ID: 949 0504 9448          Password:  peace108

Please forward this invitation to all BK young adults in your area and country.

If you have any questions, please contact iyf@brahmakumaris.org.

IYF Online Programs Team  

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