“Conflict Solutions” : Open your eyes to the Youniverse on Saturday 24th July

Open your eyes to the Youniverse is with Chrissy Mahoney and Niall Fenix in conversation with Gabrielle Martin on Conflict Solutions – Saturday 24 July 2021 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm (AEST).

Join Chrissy Mahoney and Niall Fenix in conversation with Gabrielle Martin as they explore Conflict Solutions.  Many people consider conflict to be part of everyday living and relating. But does it have to be? When you find yourself in a conflict situation, what do you do? In this episode we will explore conflict through a spiritual lens as we consider different techniques to resolve conflict. How could I resolve conflict in my life, within myself or with others? And equally significant, how could I prevent it? What does it take for me to live a more empowered life in harmony with myself and those around me?


After decades of studying the human spirit, and with a determination to understand why we fight and hurt each other, Chrissy Mahoney studied for her Master’s degree in conflict resolution and mediation. She encourages people to find harmony, to empower themselves and develop their creative self, whilst engaging in processes of healing and self-awareness.

Niall Fenix has always had an interest in the dynamics of human behaviour. Ultimately, his interests led him to study meditation, Psychotherapy and Counselling. As a Counsellor Niall continued his studies for a Post Graduate degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Subsequently he furthered his studies for a Masters in Adult Education. Niall’s professional interest finally focused on the undermining influence of personal inner conflicts, and their legacy affects in workplace relationships.

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Open your eyes to the Youniverse! is a series of contemporary talks, conversations, meditations and interviews streamed live on YouTube via Zoom, monthly.

We look forward to seeing you there virtually!

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