Collective Meditation for Peace

Malad (Maharashtra): The Borivali sub-zone of the Brahma Kumaris conducted a meditational program entitled Collective Meditation for International Peace at Liberty Garden here.
The meditational event hosted by Malad centre director BK Kunti was attended by Borivali subzone incharge BK Divya, television stars Kinsukh Vaidya, Nitin Goswami and Prachi Thakker, among many others.
BK Divya suggested that we cultivate good wishes for all and ensure that there is no selfishness in our minds so that our words shall reflect our thoughts in a positive way.
“We can attain a state of body-less-ness by becoming soul conscious like Brahma Baba, and then our thoughts would emerge powerful,” she said.
A meditation program followed, after which the dignitaries shared their experience. Gifts were presented to the participants who appreciated a movie God of Gods screened on the occasion.

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