Chief Minister of Karnataka Praises Selfless Services of Brahma Kumaris in the Whole World

Karnataka Chief Minister, Central Minister, State Ministers, MLCs and MLAs visit Amrit Sarovar Retreat Center in Gulbarga for an event on ‘Spiritual Empowerment for Kindness and Compassion’.

Gulbarga (Karnataka): The Brahma Kumaris of Gulbarga in Karnataka held an empowerment program for peace and compassion. Basavraj Bommai, Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, was the Chief Guest.  B. Sreemulu, Minister of Transport and ST Welfare; Murugan Nirani, Minister of large and medium industries; Lakshman Savdi, MLC; C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Minister of Higher Education; Prahlad Joshi, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Coal and Mines of India; Basawaraj Mattimud, MLA; Dattatreya Patil, MLA; Subhash Guttedar, MLA, along with many MLAs and MLCs and BJP officers and workers were present at this function.

Basavraj Bommai said that the Brahma Kumaris are doing selfless service all over the world and inspiring the general public towards a more moral lifestyle.  He knows from experience that the Brahma Kumaris sisters do spiritual services without any selfish motive. The general public needs compassion;  there can be no religion without it. He appreciated Brahma Kumaris for this initiative.  Today everyone, and not just the poor, needs compassion.  The Brahma Kumaris is providing the strength necessary to cultivate it. Inculcating a good human values system and giving it to others is a great work being done by Brahma Kumaris.  He assured that everyone is with the Organization in this work.

Rajyogini BK Vijaya welcomed everyone and gave the inaugural speech. Rajyogi BK Prem welcomed and felicitated the guests with shawls, flowers, and mementos. BK Shivleela coordinated the program.

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