“Challenging the Challenges” – A Webinar series for Youth on July 30th, 6 pm IST

Chandigarh ( Punjab ): Brahma Kumaris Chandigarh is inviting you to attend the Web Series “Call of Time,” streaming online on Youtube from 26th July 2020 @ 6 pm IST  (India time).

We all face challenges in life. Challenges may meet us in any sphere of life: personal, family, professional or social. These may be of a broader scale, such as those being faced globally today due to the pandemic. At times, it is easy to cross the challenges. At other times, we may feel the challenges to be greater than our might and draining our peace and happiness. We may feel hopeless and helpless.

Are challenges really challenging? Is it possible to defeat them? In practice, can challenges become a rewarding experience ? Let’s discover through this inspirational session.

“Call of Time” is a webinar series for youth, streaming on Youtube.

Episode-03 | Challenging the Challenges

Date: 30 July, 2020 [Thursday]
Time:  6 pm IST  (India time)

Speaker: BK Dr Deepam

Language : Hindi

Link of Episode-03:

Organizers : Brahma Kumaris, Chandigarh

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