Celebrating the 31st Anniversary of Brahma Kumaris in Moscow


Moscow ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris in Moscow celebrated the 31st Anniversary with invited guests who shared their words of congratulations.

Alexander Semeniy (Doctor, Head of the “Health” center) talked about the feelings that arose when he came to the house of Baba: high spirits, joy, auspiciousness, a feeling of happiness, a benevolent atmosphere, peace. He also noted the importance of the forces of maintaining the atmosphere with good and light; and wished to continue to shine for the whole world.

Konstantin Uzhva (Artist, Soloist of the Theater Operetta) said that due to Brahma Kumaris, he understood that the soul is light, and kindness is all-embracing, it does not destroy, it only creates. He wished to ignite light in own soul and sing above the stars.

Many Online programs were organized through the 4 spirituality Youtube channels below, including:

  • Gaining the power of peace from the Ocean of Peace. Deep meditation

Speaker: Shakhnovskaya Tatiana

  • Finding harmony through the purity of relationships. Deep meditation

Speaker: Igor and Galina Milekhin

  • How to find lightness and inner freedom. Deep meditation

Speaker: Leyla Aliyeva

  • Program from the cycle “Deep meditation” “Pure thoughts solve inner conflicts”

Speaker: Olga Streltsova

  • A series of programs “Conversation with Sudha Didi”:
      • What is birth and death. Conversation with Sudha Didi
      • How to maintain self-esteem. Conversation with Sudha Didi
      • Anatomy of the soul. Conversation with Sudha Didi







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