“Celebrating Our Mountains” – A Meditation in Honour of UN International Mountain Day

FRIDAY 11 DECEMBER @ 7.00 pm AEDT  (eastern Australia time)
We invite you to join us in a special meditation to celebrate our mountains. This is a 40-minute meditation in honour of UN International Mountain Day 2020. We will be sending vibrations of support to nature, the people who dwell in the mountains, and to those who are helping to build and sustain the biodiversity of the mountains.
Mountains are natural jewels. They are home to 15% of the world´s population and host about half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. They provide fresh water for everyday life to half of humanity. Their conservation is a key factor for sustainable development and is part of Goal 15 of the SDGs.

As the global climate continues to warm, mountain people, some of the world’s poorest, face even greater struggles to survive. The rising temperatures also mean that mountain glaciers are melting at unprecedented rates, affecting freshwater supplies downstream for millions of people. This problem affects us all.

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