Catholic Priest from Jamaica visits Brahma Kumaris Campus in Mount Abu

Father Alphonse Jesu
A Catholic Priest in Kingston, Jamaica
Visited Brahma Kumaris Headquarters

17th – 21st December, 2020 

Father Alphonse Jesu is a Catholic priest in Jamaica for the past 27 years. He works in the headquarters of Missionaries of the Poor, in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. This ministry helps abandoned, homeless, destitute and poor people of the society regardless of religion, cast and culture. He has been giving his valuable service in Africa, Philippines, Canada, Jamaica and India.

He has been in contact with the Brahma Kumaris in Kingston, Jamaica,for the last 2 years. He expressed his desire to visit Mt. Abu. He visited Abu for the first time with his family and experienced God’s love in the Brahma Kumaris campus.

He shared his experience after the morning class in Shantivan and received the blessings from BK Santosh, Mumbai, who was present in Shantivan.

He shared that he was delighted and felt fortunate to be in Abu, such a divine and spiritual place. The divinity and warmth he felt in the spiritual family was his greatest experience. He felt serenity, transparency in the family and that gave him the experience of being part of the family. He felt the vibrations of divinity and the presence of God. He felt the angelic form by seeing everyone light and also a sense of true inner purity by seeing all in white dress.  Such hospitality, simplicity, and cleanliness had really touched him. BK Ramlochan fed him in God’s remembrances with spiritual love and respect.

God’s light through each member of the BK family was visible. He shared he was very impatient and never was able to sit peacefully for a long time but he learned how to be quiet and be positive in all circumstances.

He felt motherly and fatherly love from the seniors when he met with BK Nirwair and Dr. Nirmala personally and really experienced we are one family and God’s children. God is love and he saw that love in the family and expressed deeply that this divine BK family will definitely make a better world.

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