Uttar Pradesh

Live Goddesses Tableau on Navratri by Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras (Uttar Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris of Hathras organized a tableau of live forms of goddessess at Ramlila Maidan on the occasion of the Navratri festival.  A steady stream of devotees came to witness the tableau and seek blessings of the goddesses at this program. BK Shanta, Rajyoga Teacher from Anandpuri Colony centre of Brahma… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Agra Felicitated as Corona Warriors

Agra ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Agra were honored as Corona Warriors by the Sanrachna Social Foundation.  SP Agra and Dr. Narendra Malhotra, Surgeon and Director of Rainbow Hospital, gave this award to BK Mamta and BK Darshan. In addition, Hindu Yuva Vahini’s Head, Mr. Tarun Singh and Ms. Monal Sharma and… Read More »

“Encourage the Principle of Disarmament” Media Seminar By Brahma Kumaris, Agra

Agra ( Uttar Pradesh ): True Religion must be recognized, and vices need to be given up relieving the families’ sorrow and suffering. Media can only accomplish this benevolent task as it is indeed the mirror of society. The Chief Guest, MLA Etmadpur Rampratap Singh applauded the work done by the media by saying that… Read More »

Sadabad Brahma Kumaris Celebrate Navratri Festival

Sadabad(Uttar Pradesh): On the occasion of Navratri Festival, the Brahma Kumaris of Sadabad in Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh,  displayed the nine live forms of the goddesses in a tableau at the Shiv Shakti Bhawan. Mr. Sunil Gautam, Leader of BJP, Mr. Ramu Shukla, Social Worker and BK Bhavna performed the worship of these goddesses.… Read More »

Live Goddesses Tableau on Navratri by Brahma Kumaris Agra

Agra ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris Art Gallery and Spiritual Museum in Agra displayed a tableau of live goddesses during the festival of Navratri.  Navratri, literally meaning nine nights, is a festival dedicated to the Divine Feminine.  This program was inaugurated by Former Mayor Indrajit Maurya. BK Madhu, Centre In-charge, and BK Mala… Read More »

Covid-19 Test Camp and Felicitation of Corona Warriors by Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Government is conducting Covid-19 Random Test Camps under the supervision of the Chief Development Officer. Accordingly this Camp was held by the Brahma Kumaris Medical Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation in collaboration with BK Shanta, Centre in Charge of Brahma Kumaris Anandpuri Colony, Hathras, outside the… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Welcome Director Of MSME Export Organization, Govt Of India

Sarnath ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Export Organization of Government of India, Uttar Pradesh’s newly appointed Director,  Rakesh Tripathi,  was welcomed and greeted by Brahma Kumaris of Sarnath. Rajayogi BK Dipendra,  greeted him with a garland and shawl. Rajayogi BK Vipin offered him a bouquet of flowers while welcoming him… Read More »

13th Remembrance Day of Dadi Prakashmani at Saharanpur

Saharanpur ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Rampur Maniharan in Saharanpur observed the 13th Remembrance Day of Dadi Prakashmani with simplicity.  Devotees offered floral tributes to her on this occasion. BK Santosh, Incharge of the local Brahma Kumaris center, said that Dadi Prakashmani tried to connect every person anywhere in the world with… Read More »

Shri Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations at Agra Art Gallery Museum

Agra (Uttar Pradesh): In Agra, like every year, at the Art Gallery Museum of the Brahma Kumaris, Shri Krishna’s Live tableau was decorated. It was duly inaugurated by Mr. Rahul Yadav, the commander of the Taj Mahal. On this occasion, Centre In-charge BK Madhu, BK Mala, BK Sangeeta and other sisters were present adhering to… Read More »

Plantation Program by Brahma Kumaris Agra on Independence Day

Agra ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Shastripuram Centre in Agra celebrated the 74th Independence Day by planting trees and hoisting the National Flag. BK Shalu and BK Bharat sang the National Anthem. After that, a planting of saplings was also done on the campus in presence of Dr. Pinky, Mr. Varun Mishra,… Read More »