Uttar Pradesh

‘My Bharat, Green Bharat’ – Plantation Drive by Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): The ‘My Bharat Green Bharat’ campaign of the Rural Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Brahma Kumaris, was inaugurated with a plantation drive in Hathras.  BK Shanta, Coordinator of this campaign, started by planting saplings of ‘Kanji’ trees. The twin targets of fulfilling the… Read More »

Dedication Ceremony Anniversary Celebration by Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh) : The Brahma Kumaris of Anandpuri Colony center, Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, celebrated the anniversary of the dedication ceremony of its Brahma Kumaris sisters, with simplicity and fervor.  Ramshri Mishra, SDM Hathras, was the Chief Guest of this function.  The program started with observing a two-minute silence for the victims of… Read More »

“International Yoga Day” Celebrated by Brahma Kumaris Rura

Rura ( Uttar Pradesh ): A program was arranged by the Brahma Kumaris at their Centre in Paliwal to celebrate International Yoga Day, in association with Mr. Lalit Krishna Tiwari, District Coordinator of Religious Awakening, RSS Forum, in which Meditation and Yoga were conducted for Mental and Physical Health. Speaking on the importance of Rajayoga,… Read More »

55th Remembrance Day of Jagadamba Saraswati by Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Hathras observed the 55th Remembrance Day of Mateshwari Jagadamba, its First Chief Administrator, at its Tarfara Road ‘Tapasyadham’ center. Ashish Sharma, Head of Nagar Panchayat, was the Chief Guest of this occasion. Mr. Ashish Sharma, while speaking on this occasion, said that Jagadamba Saraswati was a… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Agra Celebrate International Yoga Day

Agra ( Uttar Pradesh ): Brahma Kumaris celebrated International Yoga Day maintaining social distance and everyone wearing a mask at the Agra Art Gallery Museum. YouTube link :  https://youtu.be/p5tNXk7y1Lg

International Yoga Day Program By Brahma Kumaris Hathras

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): Today being International Yoga Day, a program was arranged by Brahma Kumaris of Anandpuri Colony, Hathras at their Centre. BK Shweta, BK Durgesh and BK Uma conducted from 6am to 8am Rajayog Meditation with all the participants. BK Shanta read out the Spiritual message of God being pronounced through His… Read More »

Jalaun Brahma Kumaris Felicitate Roadway Workers as Corona Warriors

Jalaun ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Jalaun honored roadway workers as Corona Warriors.  They were honored for their role in bringing migrant labourers safely back to their homes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. At a simple program organized by the Brahma Kumaris at the District bus stand, BK Vijay, BK… Read More »

Hathras Brahma Kumaris Observe World Environment Day

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): On the occasion of World Environment Day,  the Brahma Kumaris of Hathras started a tree plantation initiative.  For the purpose of demonstrating a Yogic Home Garden, planting was also done in earthen pots at the Anandpuri center of the Brahma Kumaris. BK Shanta, while speaking on this occasion, said that… Read More »

Hathras Brahma Kumaris Felicitate Corona Warriors for Selfless Services

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): The Brahma Kumaris of Hathras felicitated the Corona Warriors in their area for their selfless service.  Police personnel,  Health care professionals, Social and Administrative workers and Media persons were amongst them. The Brahma Kumaris sisters of Anandpuri Colony went to the workplaces of these Corona Warriors and felicitated them with… Read More »

Gorakhpur Brahma Kumaris Acknowledge Services of Corona Warriors

Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh): The Brahma Kumaris of Gorakhpur, Humanyunpur, distributed food to Corona Warriors in their area. The Brahma Kumaris sisters offered ‘Brahma Bhojan,’ specially made food dedicated to the Supreme Soul, to the cleaners and ward Councillor of the area. They also distributed Godly gifts to these Corona Warriors, to acknowledge their selfless services… Read More »