Seminar on “Digital Detox” by Brahma Kumaris Borivali

Mumbai ( Maharashtra ): Digital technology and its gadgets have given numerous advantages to this world, but on the other hand have also been a modern era addiction, especially for youth and children. So there is a need to ask ourselves these questions: Do you feel you are consumed by the over-use of gadgets?  Would… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Celebrate Deep Sandhya with MP and Political Dignitaries of Mumbai

Mumbai ( Maharashtra ): The Brahma Kumaris of Malad in Mumbai celebrated Deep Sandhya ( Evening of Lights ) at Jankalyan Bhawan. Mr. Gopal Shetty, Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha; Mr. Vinod Shelar, President of BJP North Mumbai; and Bhushan Wade were the special guests present. BK Kunti from the Brahma Kumaris Malad, speaking… Read More »

Former Union Minister and MPs Attend Conference on Value-Based Education in Latur

Latur ( Maharashtra ): The Latur service center of the Brahma Kumaris in Maharashtra organized a Conference on Value-Based Education. BK Sheilu from Mount Abu, National Coordinator of the Education Wing of the Brahma Kumaris, was the special guest. BK Prem, National Coordinator of the Social Service Wing, was also present. Mr. Shivraj Patil, former… Read More »

Stress Management Program at Law College in Chandrapur

Chandrapur ( Maharashtra ): Dr. Sachin Parab, Project Director for a Global Initiative on Tobacco Awareness, was the main speaker on the occasion of the Training programme “Stress Management and Personality Development.”   Nearly 108 students actively participated, along with Dr. Anjali Hastak, Principal Government Law College, Chandrapur; BK Kunda, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Chandrapur, and… Read More »

“Four Faces of Woman” Event for Professionals at Rotary Club, Pune

Pune ( Maharashtra ): The Rotary Club of Pune invited BK Sarita, Incharge of the Brahma Kumaris Mukund center, Pune, to facilitate a full-day retreat on the topic “Four Faces of Woman.” Nearly 100 professional women attended the retreat, which concluded with a Shakti celebration.  Doctors, members of the media, advocates, industrialists, social workers, IT… Read More »

Plantation Drive by Brahma Kumaris Chandrapur

Chandrapur ( Maharashtra ): A plantation programme was organised by the Chandrapur Brahma Kumaris Centre supporting the Maharashtra Government 33 crore (330 million) tree plantation programme.  BK Kusam and the divine Family of the Bramha Kumaris Peace Park were also present on the occasion. Some 50 different types of trees were distributed to the Divine… Read More »

State Cabinet Minister of PWD Visits Navaratri Festivities of Brahma Kumaris Thane

Thane ( Maharashtra ): The Thane service center of the Brahma Kumaris in Maharashtra held a program depicting the live forms of nine goddesses on the Navaratri Festival. Mr. Eknath Shinde, Cabinet Minister of PWD, Public Health and Family Welfare, Government of Maharashtra, came as a special guest on this occasion. Mr. Vijay Chindarkar and… Read More »

“Shaping Bharat as a Global Tourists’ Destination” Event in Borivali

Borivali, Mumbai ( Maharashtra ): On World Tourism Day, the Brahma Kumaris of Borivali, Mumbai, had a program in their Centre, Prabhu Upavan. The purpose was “Shaping Bharat as a Global Tourists’ Destination,” in which 170 students came to attend to enhance their knowledge in Tourism. Mrs. Shilpa Borkar, Assistant Director and Placement Officer from… Read More »

One-Day Retreat on “Four Faces of Woman” for Professional Women in Pune

Pune ( Maharashtra ): A full-day Retreat “Four Faces of Woman” for professional women was conducted in Pune at Clerk, in a hotel. Some 60 professional women from all fields, including the media, medicine, industry, business, defense, social services and others, were the participants. BK Sarita, Center In-charge of Pune Mukund center, was the facilitator.… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris initiate Plantation Drive with Mayor of Chandrapur

Chandrapur ( Maharashtra ): Mayor of Chandrapur Anjalitai Ghotekar and BK Kunda Planted a jackfruit tree (Kathal / Fanas) at Peace Park Tukum,   Chandrapur on the eve of Maharashtra Government’s 33 crore tree Plantation  Programme in 2019.  BK Kusam and divine Family of Bramha Kumaris  Peace Park were also present on the occasion. BK Prasad… Read More »