“Happy Life, Healthy Society” Program by Brahma Kumaris, Faridabad

Faridabad ( Haryana ): The Brahma Kumaris center of Faridabad organized a social service program at sector 21D to welcome the campaign bus “Happy Life, Healthy Society”. The main theme of the day was how to achieve a happy society through spirituality. The chief speaker on this occasion was BK Asha from Kanpur in Delhi. Chief… Read More »

Cabinet Minister Mr. Pawar Inaugurates “New Dimensions in Social Service” Seminar

Panipat ( Haryana ): A seminar on exploring new dimensions of social service was held at Dadi Chandramani Universal Peace Auditorium. It was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Lal Pawar, Cabinet Minister in the Haryana Government. Mr. Pawar shared that he has been very influenced by the manner of social service done by the Brahma Kumaris. … Read More »

Social Wing Campaign ‘Happy Life, Healthy Society’ at Ambala Cantt

Ambala Cantt ( Haryana ): The campaign of social service wing of Brahma Kumaris was greeted in a grand way at Ambala Cantonment. Organised by the social service wing of Brahma Kumaris the campaign which is scheduled to run between Jammu to Mumbai from 28 April to 16 June 2019 with the message ‘Happy Life… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address Blood Donation Camp

Jhojhu Kalan – Kadma (Haryana): “Blood donation is an act of greatest charity. If our blood is useful to a needy, it is really a noble social service,” this was spoken by BK Vasudha, addressing all the donors. She was invited to speak as a Chief Guest. The Blood Donation Camp was conducted by the… Read More »

Seminar on Bhagwad Gita at Kurukshetra University

Kurukshetra (Haryana): A seminar on the Bhagwad Gita (Sanskrit scripture) was held at the Senate Hall of Kurukshetra University. It was organized by the Philosophy Department’s Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Study Center. The main speaker on the occasion was BK Brij Mohan (Additional General Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris), along with BK Usha Didi (Coordinator of… Read More »

Seven-Day Program on “The Science of Yoga and Sanskar Re-Engineering”

Jhojhu kalan – Kadma (Haryana): At Jhojhu kalan – Kadma  Baba Gufadari Temple, the Patanjali Yoga Trust with the help of Indian scouts and guides arranged a seven-day program  on the topic “The science of yoga and sanskar re-engineering”. On this occasion BK Vasudha shared her thoughts by saying that to make your life secure and… Read More »

Health Conference by Brahma Kumaris in Panipat

Panipat ( Haryana ): A Health Conference was organized on World Health Day in Gyan Mansarovar, Panipat. More than 1,000 people attended the conference. Professor and Department Head Dr. Usha Kiran from AIIMS, New Delhi, explained the causes and prevention of Heart diseases. She said: Quit smoking and addictions, exercise every day, and always be happy. She conducted some… Read More »

RajYoga as Panacea Against Addictions

Kadma (Haryana): People lose control over their sense organs when the mind is weak. A weak mind easily gets addicted to various vices. Hence, practice of Rajayoga helps overcome vices and addiction, suggested BK Vasudha addressing a de-addiction camp here recently. Indulgence in mobile, Internet, Television and social media devices like Facebook and WhatsApp have adverse effect… Read More »

Spirituality Boosts Concentration

Narwana (Haryana): A seminar on the subject of concentration power held at the RG SD College under the auspices of the Spirituality, Health, Inner Values Academy and the Brahma Kumaris was presided over by the college Principal Dr. Babita Garg. Chief speaker BK Dr. Aruna Khurana, while addressing the students, said that we should invoke… Read More »

Panipat MLA Appreciates Women’s Leadership in Brahma Kumaris

Panipat (Haryana): Celebrating International Women’s Day on the topic “Holistic Development of Women” at the Academy of Holistic Development, Gyan Mansarovar, Panipat, Mrs. Rohita Rewri, MLA Urban, Panipat, was the Chief Guest who appreciated the Leadership of the Brahma Kumaris, an organisation being run by women. BK Bharat Bhushan, Director of Gyan Mansarovar; Dr. Aashish,… Read More »

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