“Positive Thinking” is the Mantra for a Successful Life

Jhojhu Kalan ( Haryana ):  “A person can be said to be completely healthy when he is Physically, Mentally, Socially and Spiritually healthy.” This was said at a gathering organized by pantajali yog samiti, Charki Dadri, at Ragiv Gandhi play grounds, in Jhojhu Kalan, by BK Vasudha at the start of the fifth day of… Read More »

Green India, Clean India Initiative by Brahma Kumaris, Kadma

Kadma ( Haryana ): “Trees and Plants do selfless service to mankind and also give happiness” these thoughts were shared at Tatvavdhan, local branch of Brahma Kumaris Kadma-Jhojhu Kalan by BK Urmila from MountAbu, while inaugurating Green India, Clean India campaign. She inaugurated the campaign by planting a sapling at mahda village. She insisted that… Read More »

Three-Day Dialogue for Media Professionals at ORC

Gurugram ( Haryana ): A three-day dialogue on the theme “Spiritual Empowerment and Stress Management” was held at Om Shanti Retreat Center (ORC) in Bhorakalan. A large number of media professionals from the Delhi NCR region participated in this event. Former director of the Indian Institution of Mass Communication Mr. KG Suresh said that the… Read More »

“God’s Power for Golden Age” – Saints Conference by Brahma Kumaris, Panipat

Panipat ( Haryana ): “Brahma Kumaris are established for the benefit of the universe,” stated Mahamandaleshwar Swami Pragyanand while addressing a Sant Sammelan (Saints Conference) organized at the Brahma Kumaris Gyan Mansarovar in Panipat. The august Conference was held at the Dadi Chandramani  Universal Peace Auditorium wherein more than 1,000 people gathered.  The gathering was… Read More »

Free Eye Camp by Brahma Kumaris, Kadma

Kadma( Harayana ): Local centre of Brahma Kumaris Kadma organised a free eye camp on the auspices of Bhiwani Hospital. On this occasion Opthalmologist Dr Parikhit examined the eyes of about two hundred patients and advised them to take care of eyes with extreme caution and save them from light and dust by using spectacles.… Read More »

“Golden Principles of Happy Living” by Brahma Kumaris, Karnal

Karnal (Haryana):  A program was organized on the topic “Golden principle of life” at the Brahma Kumaris service center located at Sector-7.  The program was conducted on the occasion to welcome the drive of 4450 kms from Jammu to Mumbai by Brahma Kumaris Social Service Wing of Mount Abu. Key speaker BK Shakti  said that happiness… Read More »

“Happy Life, Healthy Society” Program by Brahma Kumaris, Faridabad

Faridabad ( Haryana ): The Brahma Kumaris center of Faridabad organized a social service program at sector 21D to welcome the campaign bus “Happy Life, Healthy Society”. The main theme of the day was how to achieve a happy society through spirituality. The chief speaker on this occasion was BK Asha from Kanpur in Delhi. Chief… Read More »

Cabinet Minister Mr. Pawar Inaugurates “New Dimensions in Social Service” Seminar

Panipat ( Haryana ): A seminar on exploring new dimensions of social service was held at Dadi Chandramani Universal Peace Auditorium. It was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Lal Pawar, Cabinet Minister in the Haryana Government. Mr. Pawar shared that he has been very influenced by the manner of social service done by the Brahma Kumaris. … Read More »

Social Wing Campaign ‘Happy Life, Healthy Society’ at Ambala Cantt

Ambala Cantt ( Haryana ): The campaign of social service wing of Brahma Kumaris was greeted in a grand way at Ambala Cantonment. Organised by the social service wing of Brahma Kumaris the campaign which is scheduled to run between Jammu to Mumbai from 28 April to 16 June 2019 with the message ‘Happy Life… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address Blood Donation Camp

Jhojhu Kalan – Kadma (Haryana): “Blood donation is an act of greatest charity. If our blood is useful to a needy, it is really a noble social service,” this was spoken by BK Vasudha, addressing all the donors. She was invited to speak as a Chief Guest. The Blood Donation Camp was conducted by the… Read More »