‘Breaking Through The Darkness’ on April 23 and Upcoming Events

Leicester ( UK ): FRIDAY TALK  by Brahma Kumaris UK on Breaking Through The Darkness with John McConnel and Samantha Fraser,  23rd APRIL  7 PM – 8 PM (BST, UK time) Click here to Watch on leicesterlive Click here to join via Zoom Below are UPCOMING EVENTS on SATURDAY 24th APRIL & SUNDAY 25th APRIL… Read More »

Being at Ease with the Flow of Life : Online Talk on Saturday 24 April

We all know that nothing is ever certain except change. Even if the ocean of life is rolling along nicely right now, deep down we all know that anything can happen at any time. How can I prepare myself for life’s unexpected little surprises or brace myself for looming realities? What’s the method to dive… Read More »

Wealth of India TV Program on Sky TV (UK)

The Wealth Of Virtues series and The 8 Powers series from the Wealth Of India TV programme, is celebrating its 1st anniversary of broadcast in the UK on National Sky TV 702 B4U and Virgin 816. The programme offers inspirations of BK Teachings and meditations for the public with actress Gracy Singh and BK Tom.    Episode 1 can be seen here :

Online Self Esteem Workshop on Saturday, 17 April

Brahma Kumaris Meditation and Self Development Centre Wembley is organizing an Online Workshop ‘Self Esteem’ on Saturday 17 April, 2 pm – 4 pm ( UK Time) Explore the secrets of self esteem * How you can recognize and bring out the best in yourself, * Building a sense of self that is honest and… Read More »

Challenge of the Week: Synergy through Attitude – Daily Evening Meditation

This is the start of a new 3 weeks challenge: Daily Evening Meditation from 7 PM – 8 PM Scotland Time. Experiencing synergy through our interactions with self & others spiritually 🌼Week 1: Synergy through Attitude 🌼Week 2: Synergy through Vibrations 🌼Week 3: Synergy through Words Tuesday, 16/03 – Attitude from Within Wednesday, 17/03 –… Read More »

“Living in a Rapidly Changing World with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” on March 18 and 25

Join us for a 3-part series with Mike George for a deep dive into how to respond more effectively to the current upheavals within our society. Session 1- What is Emotional Intelligence and what difference does it make?  on Thursday, March 11 from 7 PM – 8 PM Session 2- How to re-empower your self… Read More »

“Where is God in all this? Exploring our Connection with Divine” Event on March 14

Exploring our Connection with the Divine at this Pivotal Time SUNDAY 14 MARCH 2021 from 2.30-4.00PM GMT A conversation between Sister Jayanti, European Director of Brahma Kumaris & Rev. Canon Lloyd Casson of the Episcopal Church, Delaware, USA, facilitated by Philippa Blackham, radio presenter and documentary maker. JOIN this LIVE event on Youtube:

“Discover the personality of GOD” – Mahashivratri Event on March 11

Leicester ( UK ): Do I know the Personality of the One whom we worship and pray to? Join our conversation to discover God’s Personality, in order to connect with that higher power to change our own personality. Mahashivratri – Discover the Personality of God Thursday 11th March, 2021  7.00 pm to 8.00 pm (… Read More »

“Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity” International Women’s Day Special on March 7

Join us for a free Global online session : Sunday, March 7th, 2021 from 2 pm to 7 pm GMT / UTC  (UK time zone) International Women’s Day Special : “Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity” Visionary Leadership and the Qualities of the Feminine: Philippa Blackham in conversation with Margarita Penón and BK Sister Jayanti at 4.15… Read More »

Building Self-Confidence and Women Empowerment Events March 6-8

Brahma Kumaris Leicester, UK invites you to the Upcoming Events, details here *Building Self Confidence on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March at 10:30 am. Join links here for Live and Zoom Click here to Watch on leicesterlive Click here to join via Zoom *The Key to Inner Strength Sunday 7th March 2 pm. Join… Read More »

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