“Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet” – Global Online Summit – 31 May 2020

To help people during lockdown due to covid-19, a Free Global Online Webinar on the theme “Healthy Mind – Healthy Planet” is being organized with the Brahma Kumaris and Healing Our Earth. May 31, 2020 from 3.30 PM – 10.30 PM IST  ( Indian Time )                  … Read More »

“Make your Mind your Healer” – Online Talk on Tuesday, May 19th

Wembley ( UK ): Inner Space Meditation and Self Development Centre, Wembley, is organizing an Online Talk on the topic “Make your Mind your Healer” on Tuesday 19th May,  6:45 pm – 7.45 pm (UK Time). We have often heard the phrase “healthy mind, healthy body.” Increasingly it is recognized by scientists and the medical profession… Read More »

Happidote App – The New Meditation app Especially for Health and Social-Care Professionals

At this time of particular pressure on healthcare systems around the world,  we wish to remind you of Happidote, the new meditation app especially for health and social-care professionals. Carers would also benefit. The app is free. A short video capturing the highlights of the launch can be found on the Janki Foundation website:… Read More »

“Women and Spirituality” Online LIVE Event Every Tuesday

♠ WOMEN’S EVENT Women have now extended the boundaries which tradition had placed on them, and are much nearer to fulfillment. This is an opportunity for women to discover their spiritual identity and discuss its practical application in daily life. This event starts today: Tuesday, 5 May, 2020 10:30 am ( UK Time)  or  3… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris are Offering Free Daily Meditations during Lockdown

London ( UK ): The Brahma Kumaris, the home of Raja Yoga on Pound Lane in London, has seen thousands join their online meditations in recent weeks. They are now offering daily morning and evening meditations, open to the public, as well as other activities which change from week to week. BK Sister Maureen Goodman,… Read More »

Sister Jayanti in Conversation with Professor Jem Bendell

Professor Jem Bendell (Founder of Deep Adaptation Forum), in conversation with Sister Jayanti – 14 April 2020 – online Question and Answer Q. Jem Bendell         A. Sister Jayanti Q. This month joining us is Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, a global spiritual movement that started in India.  She works… Read More »

VALUE YOURSELF: Online Seminar on April 26th and May 3rd

London ( UK ) :  Learn the secret of how to like who you are, and feel comfortable being yourself. Feeling relaxed and good about ourselves can be one of the most elusive aspects of life. You can watch the live webcast at Part 1:  Sunday 26th April 2:00 – 3:30 pm ( UK… Read More »

Family Meditation Hour and Series of Online Meditation Events from London

London ( UK ): Below is a list of online events produced by the Brahma Kumaris main centre in London. Links to more events from other centres in the UK can be found  at the bottom of this page. ♠ Daily LIVE Morning Meditation | Every morning from 10:30 to 11:00 am Connect on Facebook.… Read More »

“Stress to Serenity” Daily Live Meditations from London

Global Cooperation House, London – The Brahma Kumaris organize Live Meditations – “Stress to Serenity” every day from 10:30 AM to 11 AM (London time). Facebook@brahmakumarisgch Instagram@globalcooperationhouse

Brahma Kumaris London Organize Online Events

London ( UK ):  In order to help stay calm and positive in challenging times, Brahma Kumaris have organized events online for this week. Many of these events are produced by our main Brahma Kumaris Centres in London. ♠  Stepping Into Calm for 30 minutes: Guided Meditation- Evenings from 7:00 to 7:30 pm Step into… Read More »