“पुरुषोत्तम मॉस का महत्त्व” Talk in Hindi on September 30

Join us for an intriguing talk with BK Sudesh  as she takes us through the importance and significance of this very special month. Talk in Hindi on “The importance of Purushottam Maas” (पुरुषोत्तम मॉस का महत्त्व) on Wednesday, Sept 30th from 7 pm – 8 pm BST  (British time) 11:30 pm – 00:30 am IST … Read More »

Online Talk on “Creating Your Own Reality” on September 25

Join us online for our usual Friday Talk on  “Creating Your Own Reality” with BK Sister Aruna from Kuwait. Zoom ID: 868 6293 4285 PW: Reality For over 30 years Aruna has been practicing meditation and has become an accomplished spiritual author. Friday 25th September 7.00pm to 8.00pm BST (11:30 PM to 00:30 IST) Please… Read More »

“Spiritual Intelligence for the New Norm” Live Event on October 8

There is no question that Covid-19 has affected our lives in a way like no other. How does one navigate through this crisis, which has affected everyone in the world? Change affects all of us differently, and there is no one formula or recipe that can get one back to the “norm” that existed before… Read More »

“Exploring Our Inner Tapestries” Live Program on August 25 by Inner Space, Wembley

Exploring Our Inner Tapestries – Speaker: Gayatri Naraine, USA A tapestry can be described as a work of embroidered art. It can involve intricate and detailed work in many colours, stitches and styles. Our inner world is similar. It comprises a multitude of experiences, beliefs, hopes, dreams, desires, etc. Exploring this Inner World on our spiritual… Read More »

Watch Live Special Event : “Yoga means Connection” on June 20

Wembley ( UK ): Inner Space Wembley is organizing a Special Event: “Yoga means Connection” on  Saturday 20 June,  2020 3 pm – 4:30 pm  (London time) 10 am – 11:30 am  (New York time) 7:30 pm – 9 pm  (India time) This event will be marking the UN International Day of Yoga Click Here… Read More »

“Exploring Spirituality, Leadership and Covid-19” with Sister Jayanti and Mary Dwyer on June 11

You are warmly invited to join BK Sister Jayanti and Mary C Dwyer in a deep-dive conversation “The Nexis between Spirituality and Leadership” In this complimentary webinar, this deep-dive conversation will focus on: What else might be happening beyond the obvious (from a spiritual perspective)? How can leaders begin preparing for what’s next? What type of leadership… Read More »

“Food for the Soul”: An Online Series ~ Surround Yourself with Roses on June 12

If I want more roses in my garden, I start planting them.  If I want more love in my life, I start spreading it. Surround yourself with what you like by continuously generating it.  You will see all sorts of wonderful things grow. What: A short talk with a chance to ask questions and ending… Read More »

21 Master Classes in New Consciousness from June 7 to 27 on Awakening Channel

London ( UK ): Since the lockdown, a small international co-ordinating group have been working on a new series of programmes called 21 Master Classes in New Consciousness. The aim has been to give an international response to the Covid-19 situation and shine a light on some of the issues that have come up as… Read More »

“Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet” – Global Online Summit – 31 May 2020

To help people during lockdown due to covid-19, a Free Global Online Webinar on the theme “Healthy Mind – Healthy Planet” is being organized with the Brahma Kumaris and Healing Our Earth. May 31, 2020 from 3.30 PM – 10.30 PM IST  ( Indian Time )                  … Read More »

“Make your Mind your Healer” – Online Talk on Tuesday, May 19th

Wembley ( UK ): Inner Space Meditation and Self Development Centre, Wembley, is organizing an Online Talk on the topic “Make your Mind your Healer” on Tuesday 19th May,  6:45 pm – 7.45 pm (UK Time). We have often heard the phrase “healthy mind, healthy body.” Increasingly it is recognized by scientists and the medical profession… Read More »