Film “Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi” : Public Event in Moscow

‘Russia – India: binding threads‘ – Program dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Independence of India Moscow ( Russia ): A beautiful program was organized at the BK Centre in Moscow, ‘Lighthouse of the World,’ with the participation of the prominent film director Mrs. Galina Yevtushenko who presented the documentary film “Leo Tolstoy and… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris St. Petersburg Receive Appreciation Letter at XII International conference

The Brahma Kumaris at XII International conference “Physical development and socialization of students in the modern world” St. Petersburg, Russia: Didi Santosh, Brahma Kumaris Director in St. Petersburg, Russia, received a letter of appreciation “for cultural and educational activities aimed at spiritual and moral development of the younger generation in the spirit of brotherhood and friendship between Russia and… Read More »

“Russia – India: Connecting Threads” – A Festive concert on “Love and Strength”

“Russia – India:  Connecting Threads” : Series of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of India’s independence Love and Power Brahma Kumaris, Moscow began cycle of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Independence of India, entitled “Russia – India: Connecting Threads”. The first program in the cycle was a festive concert “Love and Strength” coinciding with… Read More »

“The Living Fairy-Tale” : Children’s New Year Celebration in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): A festive New Year program was held at the BK center in Moscow. The event started with a vegetarian festival in the dining room where all the guests could try delicious dishes while discovering the benefits and advantages of this diet. Later both children and adults became spectators of the beautiful… Read More »

New Year Celebrations in Russia and neighbouring countries

Moscow ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris Centres in Russia and neighbouring countries including BK Raja Yogis from different places joined together, on-line and off-line to celebrate the most liked New Year Festival 2022. The New Year fairy-tale combined with the vision of New Age, words of wisdom, colourful dances, songs of the soul, greetings from… Read More »

Programs by Cultural Group of Brahma Kumaris, Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): The cultural group of the Brahma Kumaris in Moscow took part in various programs. There was a big celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the vocal ensemble “Belcanto” led by Mrs. Ekaterina Fouranova. The concert took place at the Center of Culture and Family Leisure in Tomilino, Moscow region, a town… Read More »

“The New Year Lights” : Special New Year and Christmas Celebrations at “Light House” in St. Petersburg, Russia

Title:  The New Year Event “The New Year Lights” Venue & Organizer : St. Petersburg Center of Brahma Kumaris “Lighthouse” Speaker:  BK Santosh, Director of St. Petersburg Center of Brahma Kumaris St. Petersburg ( Russia ): During these Christmas and New Year days people across the globe are busy buying, making, giving and receiving gifts as… Read More »

The Festival of Lights in the House of Light – Diwali Event at St. Petersburg, Russia

“The Festival of Lights in the House of Light” – Diwali at St. Petersburg Center of Brahma Kumaris “Lighthouse,” Russia Speaker:  Didi Santosh, Director of St. Petersburg Center of Brahma Kumaris The pure festival of Diwali brings about the auspicious omens of Vrikshpati, or the Master of the World Tree. It reminds us that the… Read More »

Spiritual Birthday of BK Centers in Baltic States : Riga – 29 years, Vilnius – 19 years, Tallinn – 13 years

Moscow (Russia): The online program celebrating the spiritual birthday of the three BK centers in the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – took place on October. The aim of the program was to experience the unity and cooperation of the Baltic BK family, to celebrate common holiday, and to meet with Senior teachers… Read More »

‘All Facets of Joy’ – 32nd Anniversary of Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, Russia

“All Facets of Joy,” a public event dedicated to the 32nd Anniversary of the establishment of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Russia in 1989. Moscow, Russia : A festive program in honor of the 32nd anniversary of Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, Russia, took place at Mayak Mira, the Lighthouse of the world. The program… Read More »

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