“Influence of Thoughts on Health and Nature” Event by Brahma Kumaris, Russia

Russia : BK Mahesh, BK Raghavendra and BK Rajesh from Mount Abu were the speakers at a public program on the topic “influence of Thoughts on Health and Nature” in Sochi town. Twenty-eight  people attended the program and understood the importance of  having positive thoughts in daily life. The Brahma Kumaris in Ryazan organized a… Read More »

“A Space Without Barriers and Fences” – A Commemorative Event By Brahma Kumaris, Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): May 1945 saw the end of the most cruel warfare in the history of mankind. A special commemorative event dedicated to the Day of Victory in World War II took place in Lighthouse, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in St. Petersburg. LOVE AND KINDNESS Mr Nikita Blagovo, educationist, author, winner of… Read More »

“The Image of an Angel” Public Event by Brahma Kumaris, Russia

St. Petersburg (Russia):  “The Image of an Angel” public event was conducted at the St. Petersburg Center of the Brahma Kumaris, “Lighthouse”. It was under the program series of  “A Garden-Like City,” a new cultural and educational project launched by the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, Russia, in February 2019.  It has been gaining momentum… Read More »

Director of the Tatar Cultural Centre Visits BK Center in Moscow

Moscow (Russia): BK Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris, Moscow, conversed with Mr. Anwer Khussainov, Director of the Cultural Centre of Tatar, Moscow, when the latter visited the BK centre on invitation.  The main theme of the meeting was to find mutually interesting social and cultural projects and to find a means to promote them… Read More »

Health Festival by Brahma Kumaris in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): The Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow organized a “Health Festival” dedicated to the International Day of Health. The programme of the festival was very saturated and versatile, including both theory and practice. There were interesting lectures discovering the deep connection between mental and physical health, the introduction of different systems and… Read More »

Round-Table on Art, Culture

Moscow (Russia): The Resource Centre of Non-Governmental Organisations in the North Eastern Administration District of Moscow conducted a Round-Table on Participation of NGOs in the Development of Culture and Art in collaboration with the Brahma Kumaris Centre here recently. BK Tatyana Shakhnovskaya discussed the role of the Brahma Kumaris in shaping art and culture in the development process. BK… Read More »

Poetry Recital at Moscow BK Centre

Moscow (Russia): As part of the International Day of Poetry, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow unveiled a programme “Discover the Self and Eternity.” Poetess Boldycheva, member of the Administrative Commission of the Government of Moscow, and chief editor of My Moscow journal, attended the literary event and recited her creations. Well-known film and theatre personality Victoria Lepko and… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris International Team at Kumbh Fair

Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh): May the Ganges of Love Keep Flowing ! The world’s largest spiritual gathering of Kumbh Mela, at the sacred site of Triveni Sangam, has become a true confluence of cultures, as spiritual artists of the “Divine Light” group, members of the Brahma Kumaris from five countries, performed on the magnificent Ganga Stage… Read More »

A New Project “Garden-Like City” Launched in Russia

Creating a City of Five Million Bridges!:A New Project “Garden-Like City” Launched in St. Petersburg, Russia St. Petersburg (Russia): The project “Garden-Like City” was launched at Lighthouse on Sunday. The Brahma Kumaris project dedicated especially to women is carried out with the support of the Committee for Social Policy of the city government and the… Read More »

“Messenger of Divine Love” program dedicated to Brahma Baba

Moscow, Russia: Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center in Moscow “The Lighthouse of the World”, organized a public programme at the time of the International Mediation Hour to honour the memory of Brahma Baba, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris. The program started with a short story of Brahma Baba, whose life transformed completely after he had experienced the… Read More »

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