Diwali & Bhaiya Dooj Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): A public program was organized in the St. Petersburg Center of the Brahma Kumaris “Lighthouse,” supported by the Consulate of India in St. Petersburg, Russia, for celebrating the festival of Deepavali and Bhai Dooj. Rajayogini BK Santosh, Director of the St. Petersburg Center of the Brahma Kumaris, shared the spiritual… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Participate in the Festival of Sobriety, Russia

Tyumen ( Russia ): When God touches the heart, It blooms like a flower, Spring blooms in it again (Brahma Kumaris) The venue of the Center of Spiritual Development of the Brahma Kumaris was located near the attraction with swans, next to the aid center “Mercy” at the Festival of Sobriety. Songs were played about… Read More »

“Virtues – the Path to the Dignity of the Soul”- A Fair in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ) : The Vostorgovskaya charity fair of Orthodox sober organizations with the participation of partners took place in the All Saints Church in Vsekhsvyatski (a special place in Moscow). It was dedicated to the All-Russian Day of sobriety. The Center of Spiritual Development of the Brahma Kumaris, supporting the idea of ​​sobriety,… Read More »

“Peace to the Human Soul and Peace to the Human World” – A Panel Discussion in Moscow

Moscow (Russia):  A panel discussion on the theme “Peace to the human soul and peace to the human world” was held at the Brahma Kumaris Center in Moscow with the participation of BK Sudha Rani Gupta, Senior Raja Yoga Teacher and the Additional Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Russia; Professor Yuri Kurnosov, Chairman of the… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Moscow Receive Medal “For the endeavour in enlightenment, culture, art and literature”

Musical and poetic project “Lira” – A cultural and educational project of the Brahma Kumaris Moscow ( Russia ) : Spirituality is demonstrated in numerous and various areas in our lives: in professional activities and education, in the family and social responsibility, in a healthy lifestyle and culture, and so on. For its systematic approach… Read More »

“Virtuescope Helped Woman With Disability” in Tumen, Russia

Siberia ( Russia ): On the territory of the city autodrome for the first time a contest was held among women drivers with disability. The contestants had to go through the stage of maneuvering by car as a driver, demonstrating the skills of moving around the city streets. The Brahma Kumaris on the invitation of… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Honored with Golden Diploma and Medal for 30 Years of Service in Moscow

Moscow (Russia): A public event was hosted by the Brahma Kumaris of Moscow with a unique theme “Enchanted by Purity.”  The program was organized with the aim of developing and understanding the importance of purity in the lives of people. Through inspiring speeches about the value of purity in the present time and a beautiful… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris “Tree of Goodness” at “Big Family of Tver” Festival in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): In the City Garden of Tver, the Mama Charitable Foundation organized the first festival of the Tver Family, the purpose of which was to strengthen the institution of the family and family values. The bright festival was held with the participation of culturally autonomous diasporas, public organizations, social protection institutions of… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris at 80th Anniversary Day of Physical Education Celebration in Russia

Tyumen, Moscow  ( Russia ): On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Tyumen region, in the regional capital, the 80th anniversary of the Day of physical education was celebrated on a special scale. Department of Sport and Youth of the City Administration invited the Brahma Kumaris to participate in this massive holiday. Brahma… Read More »

30th Anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ):  This programme was dedicated to mark the 30-year history of the humanitarian service of the Brahma Kumaris in Moscow and Russia since 1989, and the samman (honouring) programme of instrument teachers of the Brahma Kumaris Centres in Delhi (visiting Moscow). The root of BK service in Russia has been Delhi, and… Read More »