The Yoga Festival for Mind and Body by Brahma Kumaris St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris St. Petersburg, Russia organized The Yoga Festival for Mind and Body. “The main objective of yoga is to strike the balance between your body and mind. Seeing your happy faces, I am very glad that you are successful in achieving this main goal”, said Mr Deepak Miglani, Consul… Read More »

Yoga for Healing and Creativity : Series of Programs by Brahma Kumaris Moscow

Moscow (Russia):  Brahma Kumaris, Moscow, hosted a series of programs dedicated to the International Day of Yoga through the YouTube channel. Easy Raja Yoga with Brahma Kumaris:  Yoga for Healing Health of the soul affects the health of the body, the quality of relationships, and life in general. Therefore, first you need to heal the… Read More »

Greetings twitted by Embassy of India, Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): The Embassy of India, Moscow, celebrated the 7th International Day of Yoga in collaboration with a few social organisations. BK Sudha Gupta, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, spoke about the connection to our inner self, and that yoga  emphasizes being in connection to our true selves, to our soul, and… Read More »

31st Anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): The month of May, and especially its last week, carry a great historical, cultural and spiritual significance world-wide. It has always been an important period in the history of St. Petersburg as well. The city was founded by Peter the Great in May, 1703. And Brahma Kumaris coming here in… Read More »

Celebration of International Women’s Day in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): International Women’s Day celebrations come in a variety of hues as per political, social and cultural features of every country. For many years, March 8 has been celebrated at Brahma Kumaris Centres of Russia, CIS and Baltic states as the Day of Shaktis (Powerful beings). It is an important time… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris St. Petersburg Celebrate “The Day of Protectors of Fatherland”

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): The Day of Protectors of Fatherland is a remarkable festival annually celebrated in Russia in February. Mothers, wives and sisters congratulate their sons, husbands and brothers on this special occasion, making love-filled gifts and reminding them of their sacred duty to protect their near and dear ones from all evils.… Read More »

Friendly Get-together with Indian Families in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): A friendly Get-together with Indian families living in Moscow took place at the Brahma Kumaris center, in which 60 people attended. The Program started with a video “The habit of seeing the good.” The pre-recorded  lecture by BK Sudha gave a reply to many questions in the minds of the guests.… Read More »

“The One Who is Always with Me” : Brahma Kumaris Moscow Observe World Interfaith Harmony Week

Moscow ( Russia ): The programme “The One Who is Always with Me” in the Russian language was prepared by the Brahma Kumaris centres in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Mongolia. This online event was dedicated to the World Interfaith Harmony Week annually observed by the UN. Representatives of different religions and traditions shared their feelings… Read More »

New Year celebration by Brahma Kumaris in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): The New Year program by Brahma Kumaris Moscow started with a small performance “The Magic Mirror or Garland of Virtues”. Parts from popular films were shown where some kind of virtue was presented. Everyone gathered in a garland to decorate the Christmas tree. Senior BK teachers Didi Sudha and BK Vijay… Read More »

Center for Spiritual Development in Tyumen Awarded with Letter of Gratitude for Selfless Work

Serving the leaders of non-profit public organizations Tyumen ( Russia ):  In honor of the five-year anniversary alliance of socially oriented NGOs of the Tyumen region, there was a presentation of certificates and words of gratitude. The collective of the Center for Spiritual Development was awarded a letter of gratitude for the contribution to the… Read More »

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