Consul General of India in Vladivastok, Russia, Appreciates Brahma Kumaris

Vladivastok (Russia): Mr. Shubham Kumar, Consul General of the Republic of India in Primorsky Krai, is flanked by BK Irina (left) and BK Alla (right). The meeting took place in the office of the Consulate General of India, Vladivostok. On a rare and beautiful sunny day, BK Irina and BK Alla met with the Consul… Read More »

20th Anniversary Celebrated by Brahma Kumaris in Novosibirsk, Russia

Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia): The Brahma Kumaris celebrated its 20th anniversary in Novosibirsk, the Brahma Kumaris Center in Siberia. Many guests from different cities were invited to the celebration. A public program “How to resolve internal conflicts and live in harmony with oneself” attracted many people. BK Aleksey led the public program. Speaker BK Vijay was… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris of Moscow Welcome Senior Rajayogis from Mount Abu

Moscow ( Russia ): Senior Rajayogi BK Munni, member of the Brahma Kumaris Management Committee and the General Manager of the Brahma Kumaris Head Quarters, Mount Abu, visited Mayak Mira, the Brahma Kumaris Retreat Center in Russia, for the first time. BK Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris of Moscow, warmly welcomed BK Munni along… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Organize Spiritual Service Programs on Mind, Body and Health

Moscow ( Russia ):  The Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, Russia, organized spiritual service programs at various places including Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Kemerevo and Yurga. In Leninsk-Kuznetsky, students listened to lectures from health of the body to the health of the soul. In Kemerevo, two public programs were held. Listeners learned how to change their deep habits, why… Read More »

International Day of Yoga Organised by Indian Embassy, Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): The Embassy of India organised the International Day of Yoga in Moscow in Taganskaya Park. His Excellency Mr. D.B. Venkatesh Varma, Ambassador of India to Russia, was flanked by BK sisters Christina and Mayajeet. The Brahma Kumaris participated during the whole program and had a meeting with the Ambassador and other… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Conduct Rajayoga on International Day of Yoga in Moscow

Moscow ( Russia ): The Indian Business Alliance, the Brahma Kumaris and many allied public associations organized an impressive programme to mark the 5th International Day of Yoga at the famous Park Zaryade, right in the centre of Moscow. While speaking in a large auditorium, BK Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, explained… Read More »

“Easy Exercises for the Soul and Body” – International Day of Yoga by Brahma Kumaris, Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ):  An International Day of Yoga program was held at the St. Petersburg Center of Brahma Kumaris “Lighthouse” on the topic “Easy Exercises for the Soul and Body” organized by the Brahma Kumaris and supported by the Consulate of India in St. Petersburg, Russia. Didi Santosh, Director of the St. Petersburg… Read More »

“Influence of Thoughts on Health and Nature” Event by Brahma Kumaris, Russia

Russia : BK Mahesh, BK Raghavendra and BK Rajesh from Mount Abu were the speakers at a public program on the topic “influence of Thoughts on Health and Nature” in Sochi town. Twenty-eight  people attended the program and understood the importance of  having positive thoughts in daily life. The Brahma Kumaris in Ryazan organized a… Read More »

“A Space Without Barriers and Fences” – A Commemorative Event By Brahma Kumaris, Russia

St. Petersburg ( Russia ): May 1945 saw the end of the most cruel warfare in the history of mankind. A special commemorative event dedicated to the Day of Victory in World War II took place in Lighthouse, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in St. Petersburg. LOVE AND KINDNESS Mr Nikita Blagovo, educationist, author, winner of… Read More »

“The Image of an Angel” Public Event by Brahma Kumaris, Russia

St. Petersburg (Russia):  “The Image of an Angel” public event was conducted at the St. Petersburg Center of the Brahma Kumaris, “Lighthouse”. It was under the program series of  “A Garden-Like City,” a new cultural and educational project launched by the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, Russia, in February 2019.  It has been gaining momentum… Read More »