‘Intensifying Divine Light & Might’ : Interfaith Program to Experience Silent Conversations with God

Makati ( Philippines ): A free interfaith program on the topic Intensifying Divine Light and Might Within Us – An invitation to Experience Silent Conversations with God was held, which was a joint initiative of the Brahma Kumaris and UniHarmony Partners Manila.

Brahma Kumaris At Tagaytay Youth Sportsfest

Tagaytay ( Philippines ): Brahma Kumaris attended the opening program of Tagaytay Youth Sportsfest and to be with the youth leaders for a short inspirational message and gave them wonderful tokens of blessing cards (powerful and positive thoughts) and sweets. Congratulations were given to the City Government Officials of Tagaytay and the organizers for the… Read More »

Empowering class on Self Care & Meditation for Barangay Officials

Tagaytay ( Philippines ): Brahma Kumaris visited Barangay officials during their monthly meeting. They have been serving the community so well, and so Brahma Kumaris offered them a few special gifts, an empowering class on Self Care & Meditation, blessing cards, and sweets.

‘Leading from Within’ – Special Online Event Held For Women

Tagatay ( Philippines ): Tagatay Brahma Kumaris celebrated the International Women’s Month with Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Former Executive Director of Philippine Commission on Women, Ms. Rasalyn Mesina, Country Manager-UN Women We Empower Asia and BK Sister Jayanti, Additional Chief of Brahma Kumaris by organizing a special online program on the theme ‘Tapping into the Divine… Read More »

‘Women Connecting the Dots’ : Celebration of UN International Day of Peace in the Philippines

Philippines ( Asia ): It will be the 34th year since Brahma Kumaris Philippines received a Peace Messenger Award from the United Nations!  ‘Women Connecting the Dots,‘ a special program open to the public, was hosted by Brahma Kumaris Philippines in Celebration of UN International Day of Peace. UN Women’s Project Manager Ms. Rosalyn Mesina… Read More »

BK Jayanti Karpalani takes center stage in an online conversation title “A Celebration: Hearts Open to the World” on Tuesday, Dec. 15. Kirpalani was a guest speaker during a public program held in Makati last year.

“A Celebration: Hearts Open to the World” : Online Event on December 15

Brahma Kumaris online series finale to tackle human interconnectedness as upheld in papal encyclical. “HARMONY is the original state of humanity. This is why we long for it and work hard to find or create it. If there were no memory of that state of mind, there would be no sense of something missing in… Read More »

Aussie Yogini Prescribes Self Care vs. Uncertainty — Online Talk

Philippines : People respond to immense challenges, such as this pandemic, either woefully or with wisdom, says Australian yogini, lecturer, and author Maureen “BK Morni” Chen. “Woeful is when you take it personally,” Chen explains. “Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge, which by itself is often not enough.” How might wisdom alleviate widespread uncertainty… Read More »

“Thriving in Covid-19” – Inspiring Stories from Exemplary Women

Philippines : Pause Muna Peace Muna program of Brahma Kumaris Philippines initiated a webinar featuring professional and community sharers, who bring together their stories of compassion and generosity. TOWNS extraordinary women have combined CREATIVITY, PASSION, and COMPASSION to respond to the call for exemplary leadership during this global pandemic through their outstanding PPE campaign for… Read More »

“Flourishing Futures” – Online Youth Forum by Brahma Kumaris Philippines

Philippines : This program included a creative reflection activity, a conversation on the theme “Flourishing Futures” by BK Edz and BK Yummy, both Youth Coordinators of Brahma Kumaris, Philippines, with Abi, who is an active environmental youth advocate.

“Disheartenment to Optimism” – Online Dialogue with Dr. Rene Samaniego (Philippines)

Philippines : Online Forum with BK Sister Denise and Dr. Rene Samaniego An online dialogue on the psychological and spiritual impact of disheartenment and how it can be transformed into optimism was held on June 13, 2020.  Hosted by the Brahma Kumaris Philippines, the live webinar dubbed “Disheartenment to Optimism” was led by Dr. Rene… Read More »

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