Message of Hope – Keeping the Inner light Bright

MESSAGE OF HOPE We have to think about how we can focus on and be instrumental for our own transformation.  To think about the transformation of others is a waste of time.  Remember, “When I change, the world changes.”  Transformation comes from keeping God’s company. He is not only the Supreme Soul; He is my… Read More »

Meditation Museum Events in January 2022

Bringing People & Interests Together with Maryam Morrison and Sister Jenna Wednesday, January 12th, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm EST Watch on YouTube – Watch on Facebook- Maryam Morrison was born in Iran to a Catholic mother and Muslim father in a home full of love. When she was 16 years old, the revolution… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Manhattan Events In January 2022

Description of Talks of January 2022        Thursday January 13th, 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm (EST)    A SENSE OF BELONGING Belonging and connection are said to be universal sources of wellbeing. Let us explore how, through connecting with our true inner nature of unity and love, we can unlock the feelings of… Read More »

‘Brahma Baba – A Man of Vision and Virtue’ : Thursday Insightful Conversations in January

Every year this month, on January 18th, a very special person is honored in the Brahma Kumaris.  His name is Brahma Baba, the Founder of Brahma Kumaris.  During this first session, we will hear examples from his life story, especially after his spiritual enlightenment, about his wisdom and intuition. ‘Brahma Baba – A Man of… Read More »

Christmas Party By Brahma Kumaris Ocala

Ocala, Florida ( USA ): BK Students from Ocala and Gainesville gathered for a wonderful holiday party. Included in the festivities were Christmas Carols, short class on the spiritual significance of Christmas, divine food, and deep loving feelings of family togetherness.

World Peace Meditation – Year in Review: Lessons to carry into 2022

Miami, Florida ( USA ): World Peace Meditation included a look back at Third Sunday conversations throughout 2021. Here’s a glimpse of the wisdom shared: Why Adults Should Not Tantrum: Conversation with Diane Tillman, Developer of Living Values Education Doing something about Climate Change in the Port of Miami with Meredith Porte and Kate Fleming, Founder of the Bridge Initiative… Read More »

“A New Ray of Dawn” : Exclusive Event in Hindi and English on January 1st

BRAHMA KUMARIS West Coast Invites you for an exclusive event नई सुबह की नई किरण A New Ray Of Dawn B.K. Shivani, International speaker & Rajyoga Meditation Teacher There is promise in every new dawn. Promise of a new start, new chances, new opportunities, and new hope. Saturday, January 1, 2022   5:30pm-7:00pm (California) / 8:30pm-10:00pm (New… Read More »

New Year’s Eve : Celebration and Meditation December 31st

San Francisco ( USA ):  New Year’s Eve : Celebration & Meditation on  Friday, December 31  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm PST  (Pacific time)  Ring out the Old and Ring in the New with Meditation Live Music Words of Wisdom “Letting Go of The Old” contemplative ceremony Zoom information available upon registration To register:… Read More »

‘Men & Spirituality’ : Monthly Online Meeting on December 19

Boston ( USA )This is a monthly meeting of men who are interested in deepening their spiritual wisdom, experience, and practice. Each session will focus on discussing a predetermined topic or short essay and include a brief guided meditation. Join us to share your thoughts and also hear the experiences of others. This forum would… Read More »

Creating a “New Normal”: Meditation in Movements : Workshop on Dec 18

Workshop: Creating a “New Normal”: Meditation in Movements December 18 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am ( New York Time) As the year ends, we think through what has passed and focus on what we would like the new year to be. From a place of quiet introspection, we want to learn how to be mindful in… Read More »

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