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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris, UK

UK ( Europe ): The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was celebrated in the UK in June with a lot of happiness. There was much appreciation for the qualities and tireless service the Queen has demonstrated consistently over her 70-year reign (the longest of any serving monarch). Celebrations were held up and down the country – large… Read More »

Message of Hope – Early to Bed, Early to Rise ….. makes us healthy, wealthy and wise!

We know the importance of habits. Many people try to cultivate good ones, like eating healthier, reading more, thinking positive thoughts. Here’s what to avoid and what to do when is comes to sleep. What to Avoid:  In our busy lives we  sometimes don’t complete our to-do list during the daytime, so at night we try… Read More »

‘Life in Harmony with Raja Yoga’ : Meditation Sessions in Mongolia

 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA IN MONGOLIA, 2022 Mongolia ( Asia ): The International Day of Yoga (IDY) was celebrated in Mongolia for the 8th time.  Nowadays yoga is getting its popularity all over the world. Yoga helps to maintain not only the physical health, but it also creates peaceful state of mind. It helps to… Read More »

‘Kindness and Compassion for Spiritual Empowerment’ Program in Birgunj

Birgunj ( Nepal ): The Brahma Kumaris of Birgunj in Nepal held the inauguration ceremony for the ‘Kindness and Compassion for Spiritual Empowerment’ Program, which is the theme of the Organization for the year 2022. The program was presided by BK Ravina, Chief of Brahma Kumaris in Birgunj, and Rajeshman Singh, Mayor of Birgunj Municipality. … Read More »

Building trust and respect with planet and community : In-House and Online Event on July 3rd

“Talanoa fosters stability and inclusiveness in dialogue, by creating a safe space that embraces mutual respect for a platform for decision making for a greater good.” UNFCCC website Join the Brahma Kumaris in partnership with Faith for the Climate as a contribution to London Climate Action Week, with a special focus on Africa, on the… Read More »

Why Do I Love India, International Day of Yoga, Youth Day, Yoga Morning in Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok ( Russia ):This year the International Day of Yoga was held for the 8th time in Vladivostok. People from different countries could watch the live transmission from the Tsesarevich Embankment with the Golden Bridge as a background, the famous landmark of Vladivostok. This is one of the popular places in the city where its… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Meet Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Conduct Meditation on Yoga Day

Colombo ( Sri Lanka ):  The High Commission of India, Colombo, organized a grand event at Independence Square, Colombo, with the support of the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre and Colombo Yoga institutions on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Brahma Kumaris conducted meditation at the end of the event. BK Umakanthan conducted meditation and the… Read More »

Keeping the Mind clear in any Crisis : Public program in Philippines

Philippines ( Asia ): The Brahma Kumaris Philippines, on its first national public program for 2022 invited BK Denise Lawrence, an esteemed teacher of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual university for more than 50 years who is currently based in southern France. Butterfly: A Metaphor The image of the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly,… Read More »

Message of Hope – Happiness depends on the Quality of Our Thoughts

June is the happy month for Celebrating Fathers Day, International Yoga Day, the Summer Solstice, Strawberry Festival! and the newest addition, Juneteenth. More than ever people are searching for happiness in spirituality. The essence of spirituality is to have a loving nature and to give everyone an experience of having received something valuable from you.  Yet,… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Moscow conduct Meditation at IDY Programs of Embassy of India

Moscow ( Russia ): Rajyogini BK Sudha, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow; BK Dr. Alexi, Moscow; and BK Olga Streltsova represented at the IDY programs organized by the Embassy of India, Moscow, at “Museon” park. The main focus has been to invoke interest in the Ancient Raja Yoga in modern time. BK Sudha conducted a meditation… Read More »

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