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A Special Online BK Sindhi Reunion on Saturday, September 26

A Special Sindhi Reunion True Belonging: Experiencing God’s Love & Protection SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 8 am (New York)  •  1 pm (London)  •  4 pm (Dubai)  •  5:30pm (India) • 8 pm (Hong Kong) Zoom Meeting ID: 930 3434 2293, Password: harmony To join on youtube : With BK Sister Mohini, New York and… Read More »

Weekend Retreats at Blue Mountains Retreat Center, Australia

The Mirror of Peace, Day Program at Blue Mountains Retreat Centre 24th September 2020, 10 am –  4 pm Look into the mirror of your heart and rediscover the unconditional peace that resides deep within the soul. By emerging this experience you will become the mirror that reflects pure peace back into this peaceless world.… Read More »

“Antidote to Uncertain Times” Event for BK Young Adults on September 26

A 2-hour semi-global event (America/Europe/Africa/Middle East) for Young Adult BKs AN ANTIDOTE TO UNCERTAIN TIMES A way of living Light & Fearless with Sr. Judy Johnson (Leadership Development Consultant and Author, Halifax, Canada) SATURDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2020 Timings are: San Francisco – 8:30 am Calgary – 9:30 am New York – 11:30 am London –… Read More »

Online Talk on “Creating Your Own Reality” on September 25

Join us online for our usual Friday Talk on  “Creating Your Own Reality” with BK Sister Aruna from Kuwait. Zoom ID: 868 6293 4285 PW: Reality For over 30 years Aruna has been practicing meditation and has become an accomplished spiritual author. Friday 25th September 7.00pm to 8.00pm BST (11:30 PM to 00:30 IST) Please… Read More »

Online International BK Gujarati Retreat From September 25-27, 2020

This is an invitation for BK’s to join the Online International BK Gujarati Retreat September 2020. Theme: Recharge Yourself – Reuniting with our Pure Essence A beautiful chance to receive sustenance from the senior yogis which will recharge, motivate and strengthen you in your efforts for the present time. Date: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th… Read More »

“Being In The Now, A Spiritual Perspective” Special Online Conversation On September 24

Boston ( USA ): We are living in a time where challenges and uncertainty abound and many hold this time as the “worst of times.” However, there is another side to the coin of the present moment that offers an opportunity to awaken our spiritual strength, our inner power. It is a matter of personal… Read More »

“Vibrations of Love” Released on Spotify by Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej and Sister Jenna

Washington DC ( USA ): It gives us such pleasure to share with you “Vibrations of Love” on #Spotify, one of ten tracks on the soon-to-be released “Om Shanti” album composed and produced by Grammy award winner Ricky Kej and Sister Jenna. Global uncertainty, a lack of trust, fear in the atmosphere, “Vibrations of Love“… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris to Address Global E-meet on Sustainable Development Goals on September 23

“Planet & Profits Can Co-exist” Global E-meet on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on 23rd September, 2020, 4.30 – 6.30 PM IST Global Summit Date – 23rd September, Wednesday 4:30 PM IST Venue: Zoom Meeting ID – 823 3688 5012 (No Password required) Zoom Registration (Open to All) : UK Time – 12 Noon – 2… Read More »

World Peace Meditation: The Promise of Peace

Join us this Sunday for World Peace Meditation Hour with our special guest Sr. Gayatri Naraine who has been the BK representative to the United Nations (New York) since 1980. Sunday, 20th September 6 pm to 7:30 pm  EST ( Florida Time) Monday, 21st September 2020 3:30 am – 5 am IST  (India time) Online… Read More »

Online Center Residents Retreat By Asia Retreat Center, Malaysia

Malaysia : An online Centre Residents Retreat was hosted by Asia Retreat Centre (ARC) in which about 100 center residents took benefit. Retreat started early in the morning from 3.30am up to 5am with creativity activity followed by tapping exercise by Dr Shrimant. After the murli and class on Remembrance from BK Meera, participants had… Read More »