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Mind-Body-Soul and Om Yoga Show at Alexandra Palace, London

London ( UK ): For the fifth year at Alexandra Palace a ‘Two-in-One’ three-day Mind-Body-Soul and Om Yoga Show attracted many people from London and beyond to all things esoteric and yogi ! This year, there were noticeably more experiential demonstration areas. The BK presence and offerings were appreciated by many and a large BK… Read More »

A “Self-Care: Reset and Recharge” Retreat in the Philippines

Pangasinan (Philippines): A “Self-Care: Reset and Recharge” Retreat was organized by the Brahma Kumaris of Quezon City in the Philippines, in Binalonan, Pangasinan.  The retreat was attended by 92 ASA Philippines Micro Finance Officers (MFOs). Workshops, value-based activities, and meditation experiences were part of the retreat.  

Spanish Workshop “Silence: the Language of the Soul” in Miami

Miami, Florida ( USA ): The Brahma Kumaris Miami center hosted a workshop in Spanish on El silencio: el lenguaje del alma (Silence: the Language of the Soul), facilitated by BK Rosa. A lovely group of 13 people participated and were guided into inner silence through a series of meditations, reflection exercises, and short talks.

Brahma Kumaris interviewed by Aakash Vani Radio Station in Trinidad

Trinidad ( America ): BK Payal from Trinidad participated in the Brahma Kumaris Booth coordinated by BK Jasmine at Diwali Nagar celebrations where she depicted nightly the Hindu Goddess Laxmi, who is worshipped at Diwali, the festival of light over darkness, and good over evil. Over twenty thousand persons visited the site nightly which is… Read More »

“Experiencing God’s Love” – A Tamil Program at Five Dock, Sydney

Sydney ( Australia ): BK Uma, Director of Brahma Kumaris Centres in Thiruvannamalai District, in Tamil Nadu, India, and a follower of Brahma Kumaris for over 40 years, visited Australia on a service tour. She conducted programs in the Tamil language at West Ryde and Lidcombe. BK Uma conducted a half day program for Tamil speaking BKs at Five Dock  on the theme Experiencing… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Hold “Yoga Moment” at Diwali in Trafalgar Square, London

London ( UK ): London’s biggest Diwali event took place, organised by the Mayor of London’s office, supported by the Diwali in London Team (DIL), a collaboration of 14 Hindu organisations, including the Brahma Kumaris, to deliver Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square for the 18th year. Each year it attracts thousands of people from many… Read More »

Brahma Kumaris Address Rotary Club Diwali Celebrations in Trinidad

Princess Town, Trinidad ( America ): BK Payal was invited for Rotary Club Diwali Celebrations in Princess Town, South Trinidad, as a Future Speaker. BK Gobin and BK Radika were instruments for this service. President Jamir Ousman, Secretary Crystal Harper, President-Elect Rishi Ramlogan, Treasurer Capildeo Beharry and members of the Rotary club with their families… Read More »

Continuous Medical Update (CME) on Stress Management at Global Peace House, Mauritius

Mauritius: Dr. Pratap Midha, Director of the Global Hospital and Research Centre in Mount Abu, visited Mauritius to serve the medical and paramedical communities through various programs at the Brahma Kumaris Centres and in public venues. The BK family was equally blessed by his sharings at the various Brahma Kumaris centers across the small island.… Read More »

“Don’t Get Mad, Get Wise” : Public Talks in Australia

Australia : BK Peter Clark from Brisbane visited the BK Class location in Lurnea (Liverpool area) coordinated by BK Sashi Bala. A small group enjoyed a talk on ‘Making yoga interesting and having a balance in BK life’. At Five Dock (Sydney), 30 BKs attended a workshop on ‘Finishing Your Accounts’, which included looking at… Read More »

Retreat on “Celebrating Our Immortality” in Peace Village, New York

New York ( USA ): “Celebrating Our Immortality,” a weekend retreat, was held at Peace Village Retreat Center, New York state.  Facilitators were BK Chirya, BK Tammy Hinkel and family, BK Cicely Greaves and BK Mary Beth Richelo.  Special music was provided throughout by Ed Nizalowski, playing meditative flute music and popular tunes on the… Read More »