Brahma Kumaris Rajkot Observe World No Tobacco Day

Rajkot ( Gujarat ): In the 21st century, human life has achieved every comfort materialistically and scientifically, but the biggest irony is addiction.  The largest portion of the population, mainly today’s youth, is suffering from addiction. Many families are unsupported due to addiction. Disease, dirt, and pollution are common in today’s society. At this time, adopting a positive lifestyle and practicing Rajayoga meditation is an effective way to overcome addiction. This type of lifestyle is being led by hundreds of thousands of people who are practicing Rajayoga taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

The Brahma Kumaris of Rajkot organized an Exhibition with posters which gives the message of how to make life Addiction-Free.  The campaign included a Rangoli contest on the theme “World No Tobacco Day,” as well as an Awareness rally with a human chain at different locations to bring public awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle and habits among people.