Brahma Kumaris Philippines on DWSS Radio Program

Philippines : The Brahma Kumaris of the Philippines Radio Program “Balik Kabuuan” (meaning Back to Wholeness) is now in its second month at DWSS on Sundays from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

BK Tina is the instrument of this special television-radio program and her friend, Danny Diopante, as the Broadcast director.

Launching broadcast featured BK Sister Becky with friends Tanya Diaz and Jesse Amunategui on What is well-being or wholeness and What sustains my well-being.

The sharing has been on a variety of topics such as “Being Positive: Think, Feel, and Act Positively” with BKs Jojo, JL and  Karen; “Eat Wisely and Stay Healthy: Food for Body and Soul”; “BMW (Body, Mind and Wealth): Capital and Savings for the Self and Investment in the Service of others including Nature”.

“Balik Kabuuan” has explored many topics including “Back to Well-Wholeness: How do I care for my well-being, my relations with family, colleagues and others”. Guests were Tanya Diaz of All Children, an NGO Project, and HR head Leah Cruz, anchored by BK Becky Ortega and Daniel Deopante.

BK Poyen Tienzo, BK Karen Navarro and BK JL Pimentel were featured in the show, in which BK Karen shared her three learnings:  1) Always find the GOOD or the COMEDY in everything.  2) AVOID negativity.  3) We are missing because we focus on the outside.  Let’s focus attention on our own.


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