Brahma Kumaris, Moscow Celebrate Navratri Online

Moscow ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris, Moscow extends Multi million greetings of peace, love and happiness to you all on the occasion of Sacred Navratri Celebrations.

We are happy to inform you that Raj Yogini  BK Sudha  will be sharing with you the touching significance of Navratri and would give you hints for the best use of the coming nine special days filled with godly blessings.

Please watch:


In the present time when the world is changing fast, it is essential for us all to maintain our spiritual values at every step! Let’s mark Navratri celebrations with full dedication to bring benefit to self and world.
Below is an inspirational talk by RajYogini  BK Sudha.
Please watch: Navratri : Bhagwati Jagaran” Part-2 Hindi version



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