Brahma Kumaris Mohali Pay Homage to Dadi Prakashmani

Mohali ( Punjab ): The 13th Ascension Anniversary of Rajayogini Dadi Prakashmani, Former Head of the Brahma Kumaris, was observed as Universal Brotherhood Day at the Sukh Shanti Bhawan Phase 7 in Mohali.

Brahma Kumari Premlata, Director of Rajayoga centers, Mohali circle; Brahma Kumari Rama, Co Director; and Brahma Kumaris Sisters paid loving floral tributes to Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani.

Brahma Kumari Premlata described the life sketch and teachings of Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani. She said Dadi may not be among us today, and many of us have not seen Dadi, but still we can feel her presence.  Remembrance of Dadi fills us with love and divine power. A Photo of Dadi gives us the experience of her powerful character and personality. She was an embodiment of knowledge and yoga, as she created a perfect balance in the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and the practice of Rajayoga Meditation. She was a Jewel of Contentment and led a pure life, spreading pure vibrations through her thoughts, words and actions.

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