Brahma Kumaris launch Kalp Taruh project in Guwahati

Guwahati ( Assam ): Brahma Kumaris Guwahati at its upcoming Brahmaputra Sarovar Retreat Center launched the pan-India Kalp Taruh project by BK Sheela, In-charge, Guwahati Subzone, along with Sri Jugal Chandra Bora, Principal, Faculty, Senior Secondary School, and Dr. Jugal Sarma, Eminent Medical Doctor. A number of BK students and teachers participated in the launching ceremony and about 200 trees were planted on the occasion. The invited guest were overwhelmed by the services of Brahma Kumaris and they shared their personal concern for the deteriorating climatic conditions the world over. BK Sheela shared with the audience details about the Kalp Taruh project of Brahma Kumaris and strongly encouraged them to plant at least one tree. After the program, all guests were presented Godly gifts and prasad (holy food offering).

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