Brahma Kumaris invites One-Minute Video from Young Leaders around the World

August 12th is International Youth Day. The theme for this year declared by the UN is “Youth engagement for global action.” In this context the Brahma Kumaris have designed a unique platform for all youth to raise their voices of meaningful actions.
Participants will be encouraged to answer this simple Question:
Imagine you have the opportunity to be a great leader …
Whether it’s in your local place, your country or even a world leader!
You are given one decision to make, in your role as a leader. 

1) Which problem will you like to solve?
2) What is your priority decision?  
3) What constructive actions will it take to bring your decision into reality?

And finally, participants will be requested to create a short video (up to one minute) sharing their responses.

Instruction for the video :
“Hello I am ROHIT, I support Youth4GlobalAction.
As a leader (XYZ minister of My country) ( XYZ leader of Global Organisations, UN Bodies) (Leading XYZ department of my local community)
My message … THANKS.”


Videos can be in Hindi or English.
Videos can be sent by Youth from teenage to 35 years of age,
Videos can be sent by BK youth also but in color clothes.

All Videos must reach by 3rd of August.

We hope your divine motivation and guidance will encourage BK youth and Youth in contact to share their ideas onscreen. The compilation of these videos will be showcased on the 12th of August on Awakening Tv.

Please see the promo in English and Hindi.

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