Brahma Kumaris International Team at Kumbh Fair

Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh): May the Ganges of Love Keep Flowing !

The world’s largest spiritual gathering of Kumbh Mela, at the sacred site of Triveni Sangam, has become a true confluence of cultures, as spiritual artists of the “Divine Light” group, members of the Brahma Kumaris from five countries, performed on the magnificent Ganga Stage in Allahabad. Having come all the way from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan, they shared the message of spiritual brotherhood and unconditional love through the universally understood language of songs and dances.

The international team of 25 members arrived in Allahabad on the official invitation of the Department of Culture of Uttar Pradesh.

Since the moment of establishment of the Brahma Kumaris centre in Allahabad, the services at Triveni Sangam have continued successfully in a variety of ways, through arranging exhibitions, stalls and pavilions, carrying out presentations and seminars, etc. However, this year marked a shift in bringing the activities on the ground to a new level. It was largely related to an ambitious plan of local authorities to expand the scale of the events and enhance their national and international impact. A new paradigm of a multicultural, rather than exclusively religious, essence of the celebrations was introduced in order for the event to become a practical proof of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (World as one family) philosophy. As a visible and inspiring result of that, hundreds of artists from various states of India decorated the festivities with their high quality presentations of ancient Bharat’s classical heritage.

The participation of the “Divine Light” international group gave the celebrations a beautiful and impressive touch of Unity in Diversity. Besides the co-operation of the UP Department of Culture, it became possible due to sincere involvement of many Godly servers in Allahabad, and especially due to intense effort in co-ordinating the preparations for the events made by the Brahma Kumaris centre of Lucknow, with BK Radha putting her entire heart into arranging a warm and impeccable reception of the group members.

The audiences of 3 big cultural events (“The Nectar of Knowledge”, “The Golden Bharat” and “Supreme Bliss”) were thrilled by a thought-provoking and entertaining narrative about the true spiritual significance of ancient religious and cultural memorials. The well-knit combination of music and action, sound and silence was telling a fascinating story of how the Supreme Father, Incorporeal Shiva, descended to the land of Bharat, entering the body of an ordinary human being, Prajapita Brahma, and making especially mothers of Bharat into true living Ganges of knowledge. It is by bathing in the waters of Godly wisdom that human beings can truly redeem their sins and purify themselves.

The audiences were deeply touched by listening to Bharat’s national anthem and other songs performed in Hindi by international artists.

Mr. Jitendra Kumar, head of the Culture Department of Uttar Pradesh, appreciated the contribution of the Brahma Kumaris by saying, “It is amazing how we can overcome the barriers of language, skin colour, national and cultural traditions and become united! This group is a vivid shining example of how Bharat can once again become the guru of the world.”

BK Santosh, Brahma Kumaris Director in St. Petersburg, Russia, Director of the “Divine Light” cultural group, explained the secret of the deep impact of the performances: “All the members of the group have been regular practitioners of Raja Yoga meditation. All of them are vegetarians, leading a sattvic lifestyle for a number of years. They combine their professional, social and family life with daily spiritual studies at their local Brahma Kumaris centres. The mission of the group is to enable people to re-establish the connection with their true original self and with the Supreme, the Incorporeal Father of all souls. It is this love-based connection, or Yoga, that will enable everyone to transform their life and thus achieve world transformation.”

In the aftermath of the festivities, the members of the “Divine Light” group were especially invited to the Media Centre, Prayagraj. The press meeting showed how impressed the spectators and media people were with the international level of the Brahma Kumaris activities. The journalists commented that they were touched having seen a profound feeling of respect for the land of Bharat and the Mother Ganga expressed by the artists from abroad. The group members also had a warm conversation with Mr. Suresh Chavhanke, Chairman, Managing Director and the Editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News TV channel.


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