Brahma Kumaris Inspire Students

Bali (Indonesia): A local publishing company under the leadership of Ms. Thiolina FM and the staff of Pilar Print invited the Brahma Kumaris to give an inspirational talk to around 60 school children below the age of 15 to encourage them to become young writers. This is only the first step and soon many schools will be involved in this endeavor, that is, to encourage other school children to start writing at an early age. The program was held at the Gedung Fashion-Balai Diklat Perindustrian Denpasar, in Bali.

BK Sister Janaki, Co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris in Bali, gave a talk for thirty minutes on how to concentrate and how to be creative. She gave many day-to-day examples of situations and activities where the children could write down their thoughts and experiences  in a creative way. The talk was well received and there will be more such talks in the future in Bali.

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