Brahma Kumaris Gujarat Global Retreat Center

Ahmedabad (Gujarat): Brahma Kumaris Inaugurate Reception Center at Gujarat Global Retreat Center.

The Gujarat Global Retreat Center is experiencing amazing progress after Dadi Janki set the foundation stone on which the beautiful project is being built.  BK Dr. Hansa from USA inaugurated the Reception center in hand with BK Sarla, Brahma Kumaris Gujarat Zone-in-Charge.  Foreigners from several countries participated in the inauguration.

Several BK families are already living in the residential section of the retreat center.

The Retreat Center spans 38 acres (1,84,860 sq. yard) with about 500 privately owned bungalows and flats only for BKs.  The site is surrounded by rural farmland.

The retreat center will have an open-air amphitheatre with 10,000 seating capacity, an auditorium with 1,000 seating capacity, a kitchen with 1,000 person cooking capacity, and meeting and conference rooms.

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