Brahma Kumaris Give Message of Total Drug Abuse Eradication on World Health Day

Hathras ( Uttar Pradesh ): On the occasion of World Health Day, the Medical Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Brahma Kumaris, organized a campaign Drug-Abuse Free India” at the Bright Future Value Home in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Its inauguration was done by BK Shanta, Center Co-ordinator of Hathras, at their Anandpuri Colony center.

The program started with melodious songs dedicated to the Divine. BK Shanta gave the powerful message of taking one’s destiny in one’s own hands. Good and bad results happen because of our own karmas instead of some external divine will. So it is very much possible to strive and improve our situation by doing good karmas and connecting with the Divine.
BK Dinesh and BK Gajendra recited creative slogans on drug de-addiction for the audience. BK Shanta helped everyone to experience Rajayoga meditation through a guided commentary. The administrators and helpers of the place expressed deep gratitude towards the Brahma Kumaris for their efforts in this direction.
In Hindi: 

‘नशा मुक्त भारत’ को लेकर कार्यक्रम

हाथरस (उत्तर प्रदेश)। विश्व स्वास्थ्य दिवस के अवसर पर ब्रह्मा कुमारी के राजयोग एजुकेशन ऐंड रिसर्च फाउंडेशन के मेडिकल विंग द्वारा ‘नशा मुक्त भारत’ नाम से एक अभियान चलाया गया। हाथरस के ब्राइट फ्यूचर वैल्यू होम में आयोजित इस कार्यक्रम का उद्घाटन आनंदपुरी कॉलोनी स्थित सेंटर की संयोजक बीके. शिल्पा ने किया।

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