Brahma Kumaris Conferred With ‘Global Peace Guru’ And ‘Angel Of Peace’ Awards

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris Organization was conferred with ‘Global Peace Guru’ award on the occasion of International Day of Peace.  This award was given by Honorable Mayor of Itahari, Nepal, during online Webinar hosted by DVM Global Academy Nepal, on the topic ‘Ashaanti Mein Shaanti’ ( Peace in peacelessness) to Dr. BK Sunita. Webinar was addressed on the topic by BK Dr. Sunita and blessings were given by BK Raj and Guest of Honor Dr. Mridula Sinha, First Woman ( Former) Governor of Goa and Founder of DVM Society,  New Delhi.

BK Dr. Sunita, Senior Rajyoga Teacher from Shantivan and International Management Consultant, in her address,  said that peace is the natural quality of our soul. Real peace is tested when we can be calm in the face of total chaos. She conducted a short meditation session for world peace.

BK Raj, Director of Brahma Kumaris in Nepal, in her remarks said that it is highly appreciable that such an initiative is being taken in today’s atmosphere of fear and anxiety.  Remembering the Supreme Soul brings peace.

In another online Webinar on the topic ‘Peace- Now or Never‘, Brahma Kumaris were conferred with ‘Angel of Peace‘ Award. This was bestowed by Chairman Mr. Vijay Gupta of Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology.  The webinar was conducted by Dr. BK Sunita, with blessings by Rajyogini BK Saraswati.

Speaking on this occasion,  BK Dr. Sunita said that peace should not be made conditional on anything.  Living in the present brings peace.  The right place to find peace is within us.

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