Brahma Kumaris Celebrate “World No Tobacco Day”

Jabalpur( Madhya Pradesh ): May 31st is celebrated as “World No Tobacco Day.” On this occasion BK Vimala, Centre in Charge of Brahma Kumaris in Jabalpur, said, “The habit of smoking tobacco (as cigarettes)  in youth starts due to bad company of friends, or due to mental tensions, or for show off as style. It is the first step of climbing the ladder of addictions. Through retreats, exhibitions, we try to contact the youth and enlighten them about the hazards of the addiction to tobacco and its effects on their family members who suffer a lot. We teach them Rajayoga Meditation and inspire them to develop a positive attitude. By regular Meditation we saw that they slowly left the habit of smoking and drinking on their own and never fell back to temptations.”

BK Dr. Ishpita Singh, Rajayoga Trainer said, “We try to contact Youth by all means and inspire them to learn the technique of Rajayoga Meditation, either at our Centre or online, and convince them that it is an easy way to connect with God by which their Will Power gets stronger.” She said that although it takes some time, they found that many of them left their habits and became better.