Brahma Kumaris Brahmapur Celebrate Navratri Online

Brahmapur ( Odisha ): Prabhu Upahar Retreat Centre Brahmapur  is celebrating E- Navratri from 17th October to 25th October 2020 in youtube channel PURC bam at 5.30pm every day, in which the visit to the Spiritual Museum or art gallery of bk centres is also included with Chaitanya Devi Jhanki(tableau of deities). Public are receiving blessings from Devi Durga through her nine forms in nine days. BK Sisters are clarifying the Spiritual Significance of each form. The nine days program is prolonged with various cultural activities. On the last day, Surya Narayan Patra, Assembly Speaker, Odisha will express his good wishes as well as Rajyogini BK Manju and BK Mala will give blessings and clarify the spiritual significance of Navratri.
There are 8 youtube links for 8 days.

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