Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ( Australia ): BK François Becher, Senior Rajayoga Teacher from France, visited Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea ( PNG ), and shared his spiritual insights and experiences through a wide variety of programs and meditation experiences.

Service Program Topics

The Power of Silence was presented at Yu Yet PNG, a youth organization, at the Gejah Academy for Multiple Martial Arts, and at the Native Arts and Fashion Academy.

The Power of Concentration was also presented at Yu Yet PNG as well as Spirituality and the Environment.

The power and impact of thoughts were presented to the United Nations in PNG and at a public program event.

Serving Young Artists and Athletes

At the Gejah Academy for Multiple Martial Arts as well as the Native Arts and Fashion Academy (NAFA), BK François shared his wisdom and insights on the topic of The Power of Silence. Both groups were working with commitment towards some significant milestones: placement qualifications for martial arts at the 2020 Olympics, and a major arts/fashion stage show with the PNG Prime Minister as a guest.

BK  François shared the connection between emotions that come with our efforts to achieve in the field of sports or arts, and the benefit of introducing silence through meditation to reconnect with our inner peace and recharge while in the midst of action and efforts.

A Public Program

BK François presented on thoughts and the environment to a small public gathering. The meditation was the highlight of the evening!

Serving the United Nations PNG

BK François presented to members of the UN PNG team from UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and other UN departments on the vital connection between thoughts and attitude to the environment around us. In this case, he shared how our ‘environment’ is more than just nature and the elements, but also the relationships and connections that we form with the people around us.

Hatha Yogis Experience Raja Yoga

BK François was invited by Yu Yet PNG, an organization that provides young people an avenue to learn hatha yoga and perform creative yoga presentations. Over the course of two sessions, he shared about the power of Silence and the power of Concentration and provided several live guided meditation commentaries.

The youth were so happy and appreciative of this experience.