Brahma Kumaris Address Webinar Held by Governor of Andhra Pradesh

Vijayawada ( Andhra Pradesh): The Honorable Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Biswabhusan  Harichandan, held a Webinar of various Spiritual and religious leaders for creating mass awareness in the public about Covid-19 appropriate behavior. BK Sirisha represented on behalf of Brahma Kumaris, Vijayawada,  in this Webinar.

BK Sirisha, while thanking the Honorable Governor for this opportunity,  said that today coronavirus has affected everyone in one way or the other.  Fearful thoughts affect our immunity as they generate a similar physical response.  The best way to overcome fear and worry is through meditation.  She requested each and every citizen of the State to take up meditation.  Peace experienced with meditation is a strong antivirus. Everyone can attain true peace through this. It makes us free of restlessness. It enhances the immune system,  helps in developing will power and creates a deeper relationship with the Supreme Soul.  Brahma Kumaris Organization is conducting mass meditation sessions to generate and spread peaceful vibrations all over the world in these trying times.


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