Annual Silence Yoga Program by Brahma Kumaris, Mysuru

Mysuru ( Karnataka ): The Annual Yoga Bhatti ( Intense yoga) called “Visheshata Sampann Silence Bhatti” was conducted at Gyan Sarovar Complex, in Mysuru. The five-day silence Bhatti is being hosted in groups of 20 to 25 BKs who are known to be safe from any infections. They are checked while entering the premises for Covid-19 and again during the Bhatti. The participants maintain social distancing and ensure sanitization while enjoying the serene surroundings which enhances their mental stability to experience the bodiless stage and also their well being.

Classes are partly online, wherein senior BK speakers from all over the world share their experiences of becoming Visheshata Sampann (full of all specialities). Their determination and hard work in becoming so, charges the participants with enthusiasm and zeal to follow them.

Offline classes are held during the evening times, followed by a question-and-answer session. Three sessions of vigorous meditation were conducted every day. The participants are benefited by experiencing total silence, different yogic stages as well as the spiritual study (murli) and other classes.

Six batches (groups) of Bhatti were conducted and four more are being organized.

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