Ancient Wisdom on ‘Emotional Immunity’ : Live Event on September 16

Malaysia : Do you feel like you’re always on the edge? Join us for an exciting night with Ken O’Donnell for an insightful, live interactive and experiential based session to help you to strengthen your Emotional Immunity.

Ancient Wisdom on ‘Emotional Immunity’ by Ken O’Donnell
16 September 2021,Β  8.00 – 9.30 PM (MYT)

πŸ•°Regional Timings: πŸ•°
πŸ”… 5.30 PM India, Sri Lanka
πŸ”… 7.00 PM Jakarta
πŸ”… 8.00 PM Perth, Beijing, Bali, Philippines
πŸ”… 9.00 PM Korea, Japan
πŸ”… 10.00 PM Sydney, Melbourne
πŸ”… 1.00 PM Germany, France, Spain,
πŸ”… 2.00 PM South Africa
πŸ”… 12.00 PM London
πŸ”… 5.00 AM Los Angeles
πŸ”… 8.00 AM New York, Canada
πŸ”… 9.00 AM Brazil, Argentina

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πŸ“FaceBook live:
(ID: 996 7214 4660) for Mandarin, Tamil & Hindi translations.

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