All Religions Conference on “Birth of the Unborn” at Dehradun

Dehradun ( Uttarakhand ) : The Brahma Kumaris Subhash Nagar Center, Dehradun, organized an all religious conference on the topic “Great Transformation by God’s Incarnation: Birth of the Unborn”. Various Dignitaries from every sect of religion participated where BK Sushil was the stage host.

The Guest of Honour was Swami Shri 108 Krishna Giriji Maharaj (Priest of Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple), who encouraged the gathering to give proper values to their children and family members in all respects.

Shamsher Singh (Head member of  Shri Guru Singh Gurudwara, Dehradun) said that, due to many religions, we have given many names to our Almighty Father who is ultimately the same. If we imbibe good positive thoughts, we can spread brotherhood everywhere.

Other Speakers like Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Kasam (City priest of Imam Jama Mosque, Dehradun) thanked God for his valuable life and encouraged everyone to spread peace, love and brotherhood among all and avoid all intoxicants.

Nem chand Jain (Secretary of the Jain society, Dehradun) shared on the principle Live and Let live to spread compassion and mercy among the society.

From the Lama society Mr. Dakpo Shabdung Ringpoche (Former Lama Chief of Dakpo Dartsung Monastery, Dehradun) told everyone to awaken the self and imbibe purity and transparency in their lives.

Reverend Father Samuel McGregor (Pastor at C.R.P.C, Dehradun) tried to showcase the power of faith: if we keep focused on God, the person will be  rid of all negative vibrations and will be filled with new force, happiness and joy in their respective life. This power of love will ultimately lead to the end of all terrorism.

BK Manju (Subzone Head of the Brahma Kumaris in Dehradun) gave hearty wishes and said that all religions — Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians — are spiritually brothers and we are all children of One God; our abode is one and even this world drama is one. The program was concluded by a meditation session done by BK Neelam.


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