86th Shiv Jayanti Celebrations Begin at Brahma Kumaris HQ, Pandav Bhawan

Mount Abu ( Rajasthan ): The Brahma Kumaris celebrated the festival of Mahashivratri at Pandav Bhawan in Mount Abu,  it’s International headquarters.  On this occasion, members of the Divine family gathered to celebrate the day that marks the incarnation of God Shiva. The beautiful flag of the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul God Shiva was hoisted at Om Shanti Bhawan, Pandav Bhawan and Museum, as everyone exchanged greetings lovingly.

BK Dr. Nirmala,  Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris and Director of Gyansarovar,  said that we should keep doing spiritual penance, be happy and make others happy. It is time to become perfect and manifest the Supreme Soul in front of the world.

BK Jayanti, Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris,  said that Mahashivratri marks the birthday of God Shiva,  Brahma Baba and the whole Divine BK family.  It has been a long journey from the Karachi days of Brahma Kumaris.  Now is the time to speed up the Godly services,  become perfect ourselves and give Godly message to all.

BK Karuna, Multi Media Head of Brahma Kumaris,  congratulated everyone on 86th Mahashivratri celebrations. He reminded everyone of the words of the Supreme Soul ‘Divine Kingdom is my birthright‘. Everyone must receive the Godly message and Bharat must become the ‘Vishwa(World) Guru’ again.

BK Munni, Joint Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris,  congratulated everyone on this auspicious occasion.  She said that it is heartening to see the increase in Godly services and efforts of spiritual penance by the members of Divine family.  She conveyed the good wishes of BK Nirwair,  Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris,  to everyone on this festival.

BK Mruthyunjaya,  Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris,  said that at this 86th Mahashivratri,  on one hand we can see the message of the Supreme Soul spreading, while on the other hand signs of transformation are also visible.  Everything is going according to the Divine Will. All of us are very fortunate to be present here today. He invited everyone to the grand celebration “Swarna Swar Bharat” planned for 1st of March at Diamond Hall in Shantivan.

BK Dr. Pratap Midha,  Director of Global Hospital of Brahma Kumaris,  said that we must work to improve our spiritual standing to become one with God. Only then can we do good for the entire world.

A beautiful song dedicated to the Divine was presented by the Madhur Vani Group. Senior Rajayogis from India and abroad were present on this auspicious occasion.

BK Shashi, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris coordinated the whole program bringing zeal and enthusiasm in all.

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