8 Postures of the Heart – The Greatest Love Story of All, Between the Soul and God

Montreal ( Canada ): Throughout time the most urgent search is the search of the soul for God. Join us for a 60-minute video presentation of this great love story—told by 8 Raj Yogi story tellers and 8 musicians.

8 Postures of the Heart are the stories of yogis sharing about the greatest love story between souls and the Divine.

It is a 1-hour video that tells the story of the soul’s search for God in 8 “chapters” starting with seeking, then meeting, then purifying … and so on, to surrendering. In each chapter there is 1 BK storyteller and 1 BK musician.

BK Sister Jayanti, BK Charlie, BK Ken, BK Sister Aruna, BK David, BK Sister Asmita from India, etc., are the story tellers.  It’s produced by BK Eric (Montreal) and edited by BK Anoli (New Jersey).

Join the 2nd Webinar & Virtual Viewing Party

Monday, June 29th, 2020

5 am (New York Time)
10 am (London Time)
2:30 pm (India Time)
5 pm (Singapore Time)
7 pm (Sydney Time)

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