Rakhi Celebrations by Brahma Kumaris Miami

Miami, Florida ( USA ):  The special atmosphere of Raksha Bandhan festival brought a very unique gift to look at the self, access ourselves, and use this as a gift to leap forward in spiritual life. BK Sister Manda from London was the specially invited facilitator who beautifully guided this powerful process by being so transparent and honest with her spiritual efforts and creating this special space where each of the BK family member could dive deeper with the Supreme Power and stabilize the self in the present.

Following the class and meditation by BK Manda, every one exclusively shared a loving drishti (divine vision) with the rest of the BK family and received a unique blessing which was read by BK Sister Waddy.

Some came in person to get the rakhi tied, some had virtual rakhi on zoom, some visited the center, some came drive-through and others had the rakhi delivered to their home.

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