50th Ascension Anniversary of Brahma Baba

BK Hemlata seated with the former Prime Minister and the Mayor of San Fernando

San Fernando (Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean): A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Brahma Baba’s ascension was held at the elegantly appointed Achievors Banquet Hall in the city of San Fernando, in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. Brahma Baba’s contribution and spiritual legacy were highlighted through the sharing of spiritual sustenance, cultural items, audio visual presentations, meditation experiences and live meditation commentaries. The invited guests, who numbered over 400, included many dignitaries. Among them were the Mayor of the City, Mr Junia Regrello; former Prime Minister Mr. Basdeo Panday; the High Commissioner of India Mr. Bishwadip Dey; former Speaker of the Senate and Government ministers; leaders of religious and political parties and icons in the cultural and business sectors.

There was opportunity for some to share their spiritual progress and the influence of the Brahma Kumaris in their lives. Refreshments were served for a meet-and-greet reception in a scenic setting. Guests were treated at this juncture to musical interludes, an Exhibition and audio visual presentations featuring Brahma Baba.

As guests were seated, four BK yogis sat on the beautifully appointed stage and filled the atmosphere with spiritual vibrations. In this peaceful setting the story of Brahma Baba and his contribution and spiritual legacy unfolded.

BK Dr. Hemlata Sanghi, National Co-ordinator of the Brahma Kumaris in Trinidad and the Caribbean, delivered a stirring and touching account of Brahma Baba’s guidance and inspiration as the BK sisters embarked on world service under the canopy of the Almighty.

BK Marcelo Bulk, guest speaker and BK Coordinator for Columbia, in South America, shared about the role of Brahma Baba as elder brother and father figure who gave guidance through his personal connection with God. He encouraged all present to give positive vibrations from the heart to remove any hurt and to spread peace.

BK Jasmine of the Chaguanas Centre conducted power-filled live commentaries while BK Anand Singh, chairperson for the evening, introduced several artistes who gave sterling performances in their areas of competence.

The evening ended to the vocal strains of BK Uma of the Sangre Grande Centre with a rendition of “Om Shanti”.

Everyone was delighted for the opportunity on this auspicious anniversary to again share love and appreciation for Brahma Baba’s life and legacy with all.

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