17-Day Sanjivani Rath Yatra by Brahma Kumaris of Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur (Jharkhand): The Jamshedpur branch of the Brahma Kumaris launched a 17-day ‘Parmatma Gyan Sanjivani Rath Yatra (Piligrimage of Chariot of Godly Knowledge-Panacea)  from their Sonari Universal Peace Palace on Marine Drive. The guests on the occasion, Social worker Arun Bakrewal, Father Edward from Golmuri Church, Educationist Bhanumathi Neelakanthan, Swami Arwanand of Bharat Seva Sangh, Rajesh Kumar Tiwary of ABS College of Engineering and Technology, Dr. PC Chawla, and Director of Awadh College of Management and Dental Studies KNP Singh, jointly inaugurated the Rath Yatra by lighting the traditional lamp.

Incharge of Jamshedpur Brahma Kumaris, BK Anju, stated, “The Rath (chariot) enables us to arouse our hidden positive traits and strength to give us a direction and target towards which we have to move. The horses are symbolic of our senses that have to be controlled with the knowledge within us. We will discover God’s directives as depicted through the Gita, which in itself is the mother of all holy treatises. Attainment of the knowledge from the Gita will enable us to give off our best through the self-confidence thus aroused.”

Sister Anju asked all present to imbibe the soul of the Gita’s message and follow the philosophy, “Joy to all; neither to take nor to give misery.”

Speaking on the occasion, social worker Arun Bakrewal observed, “If the message of Gita is understood and imbibed by all, then there would not be any space for negative thoughts and entities in society. If people develop the habit of listening to others, be they young or old, many problems can be resolved.”

Rajesh Kumar Tiwary averred, “Today, people — especially the young — are being lured away by Western culture. The Brahma Kumaris, through this novel Rath Yatra, are aiming to sow the seeds of our rich tradition and culture to bring all back to the great fold.”

The Rath moved to different places to spread Divine knowledge. This Chariot was given a rousing reception by the people of these localities.

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